Free Essay: Is Access to Alternative Punitive Measures for Young People Equal for Everyone?

Published: 2023-11-15
Free Essay: Is Access to Alternative Punitive Measures for Young People Equal for Everyone?
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Articulation of Response Yes. There exist various alternatives to arrest for young people. The youths who are detained for non-serious crimes like missing school, using alcohol, or leaving their homes without permission do not need to be taken to a juvenile court for such cases (Neusteter et al., 2019). Parents and law enforcers can pursue a variety of alternatives in solving the issues. Youths that commit such low cadre crimes are likely never to commit the same in the future if the matters are solved outside the court. Instead of seeking police help with the matter, city elders and mayors can decide to intervene in such matters. It is advised that the help of other law enforcers other than the police should be first sought and police can only be involved if the things exceeded those of the city leaders. Community-based service is another alternative that can be used to solve crimes committed by young people (Neusteter et al., 2019).

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Young petty crime offenders are likely to stay out of trouble in the future if the issue is solved out of court (Sturgess & Fuller, 2018). On the contrary, young people become more defiant if every wrong they commit is addressed in a court of law. For instance, most youths that get arrested for using drugs do not stop after release. Instead, they meet others with similar crimes in the prisons and end up yearning to be more defiant. Moreover, officers can also focus on other serious crimes committed by adults (Sturgess & Fuller, 2018).

The two alternatives identified above are the use of other city leaders like mayors and the seeking of community-based services (National League of Cities, 2020). Both of these alternatives are available and offer equal services to everyone. Unlike the police departments where cases of corruption and injustice in handing cases have been reported, transparency with the alternatives ids almost absolute.


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