Essay Example on Being a Responsible Person and Leader

Published: 2022-12-16
Essay Example on Being a Responsible Person and Leader
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Those who have talked to me about leadership understand that my opinion on being a leader is that with leadership comes a lot of responsibility. Being a good leader requires a person to be a good role model, a good decision maker, reliability and integrity. One of the most important qualities that I possess as a leader is a commitment. I love working beside everyone else and seeing that all work is performed at every level. Whenever I work in a team, I gain the respect and admiration of my team members because I prove my commitment to their overall goals and my own goals. I am committed to both my goals and promises and keep my words, which have enabled me to create an excellent reputation for being a fair leader. Throughout my student life, I have had various leadership roles, and I have learned that being committed to the tasks I had at hand enabled me to be on the same page as others and always working towards my goals. Growing up, I learned from how my parents raised us that to be a good leader; I had to be a responsible person since everyone wants a leader they can rely on. A responsible person is always organized and prepared, with what is supposed to happen, with information and with what might happen. This does not mean that I am a perfect person; I have some weaknesses when it comes to my social skills, including having a slightly weak emotional intelligence. I am aware that I need to treat people with a lot of patience yet sometimes, I find myself impatient at times, in rushing to make decisions and making some pronouncements that should have been reversed at any given time.

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I have always identified with Socrates, a philosopher who taught us that we should ever know ourselves. There is an immense amount of wisdom in this statement because we are accountable for our actions and responsible for ourselves. For me, I like helping and motivating others to succeed. I have strengthened the social skill aspect in me that has enabled me to be careful about how I give people advice. I believe that the most significant way to maintain a certain level of empathy with others is through being sensitive to what people around me are going through and how they might be feeling due to the situation they are in. Even with this in mind, I constantly remind myself that I do not always have the right words to say because people receive information in different ways, based on their life experiences, and I can only offer if they ask. Sometimes people are looking for understanding more than they are seeking for answers, and it is better to provide a perspective from the bigger picture and to make sure that in all circumstances, common sense dominates. As a child, I was modeled on becoming a good leader by learning the necessity of developing relationships that were both cognitively intimate and emotional. My parents made me understand the need to take family relationships seriously and being involved in social, cultural activities that included following the essence of the context of a community in all aspects of work. I can certainly mention that leadership is a collective ethical responsibility and an individual at a greater extent. When a child is young, they do not have a lot of responsibilities, but when they grow up, they start understanding that most things in life depend on their actions and in that they are responsible for the outcomes. Responsibilities have helped me develop my freedom and self-confidence.

Being a responsible person has helped me become successful in most areas of my life. Responsibility for me starts with being accountable for my actions, words, and thoughts. It is the responsibility I have towards my health, professional development, and improvement, the responsibility for my body and my health. I can promise something and do it, making me a reliable person, and giving me a ground for professional growth and leadership. I understand that in real life, a person can only accomplish a lot if they are willing to take responsibility. This is the epitome of reaching a successful experience and even building a family in the future since family comes with a lot of responsibility. Most people who fail to take responsibilities are not successful and fail to control situations and also the life of those around us. An increase in opportunities has always been one of my greatest desires, and talking about my qualities as a person is one of them. The most exciting part of all these is that I discovered recently, even with talents, a person without responsibility cannot attain success, because they will lose the support of people who will term them unreliable and not trustworthy. It is not an easy thing to be a responsible person and leader, but it is easy for anyone to realize what responsibility is in their own lives. Being a responsible person has made me an excellent leader.

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