Paper Example: Old Is Gold but Youths Not Foully

Published: 2023-08-01
Paper Example: Old Is Gold but Youths Not Foully
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They say, 'Old is gold,' but that doesn't mean the youths are foul. Sally killed her baby to go to the University, but is this the University? Said a troubled youth, pointing at the corpse. Sally is a young lady who just finished her O level and will proceed to the University. Unfortunately, she conceives, and her mother convinces her to carry out the fatal abortion. Her reason is that Sally must continue her education, and the newborn will be a hindrance to this future success.

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The rigidity of older adults has always led to fatal scenes. The call for liberality from the old must be supported by the few who are flexible to the dynamics of this world. The conservatives believe that youths cannot have anything valuable in any issue ranging from socio-economically to political issues. If this can hold some water, then the notion that learning is a continuous process is useless. All humanity continually learns daily.

When the news of Sally's conception reached her friends, they were disappointed but hoped she survives and brings forth her angel. Salt was quickly added to their scar as news spread of Sally's intended abortion. Mama, a fellow youth took it upon herself to go and defend Sally. On reaching the scene, she finds a group of elders narrating stories of successful abortions. Interrupting them, she says, 'My fathers? You are wrong; abortion is a spontaneous termination of pregnancy. The removal of a fetus before its survival is killing the same to murder.' One of the elders hastily questions her, 'Young girl, since when did you become wiser than all of us here? I was born a hundred years before, so get out, out! Out!'

Mamra is sent away, having made no impact on the elders' decision. She goes back to a dejected soul. Contemplating on the possible solutions to save Sally, Mamra walks home full of tears. Nobody listens to the predicaments of the youths. She meets John who is on his way home from church, since they know each other perfectly well, they share their disturbing experiences. John tells Mamra of a remarriage he is struggling to scuttle without success only because of his age despite the obvious dangers it harbors. Truphener, who lost her husband to HIV is forced to remarry on claims of her young age. She explains the cause of the death of her husband in vain. Hoping to secure assistance from John, she sneaks the information to him. Unluckily, both meet a dead end as the elders gang against them calling them love birds who have forgotten the good morals of society. In the elders' knowledge, John and Truphener can't understand the impending dangers of remarriage more than they do.

Truphener reluctantly remarries a young man. Deep inside, both are seriously wounded, knowing well that one new transmission of the deadly virus has occurred. While they are still sharing, an older adult passes by. She tells them that she is going to see Sally for her planned abortion. Interestingly, the older adult understands clearly well the implications of such abortion. She even claims Sally's pregnancy has passed the recommended age for abortion. Despite her knowledge of this, she still plans to collect some herbs in preparation for the same abortion. A heated argument then ensues, the two explain to the elderly why she must not proceed with her planned operations. The intended operation, besides being illegal, is the destruction of life, which God directed us to keep sacred. Mama became very specific in asking the elderly what would happen to suppose all ladies decide to abort. The older woman responds, saying that it is Sally's mother's wish to have her aborted to continue her education. Mamra and John can't understand what will prevent Sally from continuing her education after delivery. In their opinion, Sally's education can continue after delivery; she only needs to defer her studies to gain strength and give the little angel some care. However, their argument is cut short as the woman rushes to look for some hubs before dusk. The two then proceed home, leaving their concerns pending.

The following morning, as if they agreed to visit Sally at the same time, Mamra and John find themselves at Sally's place. Sally is strategically seated on a couch near a flat television, following what would later be described as her best movie. The three now sit close to each other; first, nobody was able to break the silence that engulfed the room after prayer. After minutes of soul searching, John opens the chart by asking how Sally's life has been since her conception. Sally broke into tears, after some consolation from John and Mamra, she sobers up and starts narrating her ordeal to her two friends. She insists on keeping her pregnancy until delivery, but her mother leaves her no room for that. She has been told to either choose abortion or marriage. Before she could explain what would be her best choice, her mother pops in and kicks her visitors out, John and Mamra are accused of misadvising Sally and are taking the blame on Sally's pregnancy. The two are left with no option but to coil their tails and leave the compound peacefully.

Tired of her mother's daily shouts, Sally obliges to her mother's demand for abortion. Preparations are made, and information is passed to the concerned people, especially the elderly and the woman who would lead the process. At around two in the evening, the elders had filled the homestead, and you would think a very important or significant occasion was at hand. At three, Sally is taken by a group of older women behind one of the houses in the compound, as was the norm for carrying out an abortion. Thirty minutes later, a sharp cry is heard, which eventually fades into thin air, and the celebration and ululation take control of the air. This celebration never lasted as Sally loses consciousness and bleeds profusely. She is then rushed inside, where she succumbs due to bleeding.

The news of Sally's death fills the village, and soon the homestead was full of mourners. Her best friends, John and Mamra, were not left out. A group of older men and women surrounds the body. John couldn't hide his disappointment and anger. He loses his temper and shouts to the elderly. In attendance was also the new husband to Truphener, who has started showing signs of the deadly virus. The elders have their heads bowed while John insists that all these problems were avoidable, but nobody listened to them. He asks the elders if the corpse is at the University and needs clarification if the new husband to Truphener is still healthy.

In as much as old is gold, it doesn't mean youth is foul. The conservative group must now have a better understanding of the dynamics of life and accept new changes to avert, reduce or revert dangers in our daily life.

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