Interview Analysis Essay Sample: "An Overview of Investigative Interviewing"

Published: 2022-06-16
Interview Analysis Essay Sample: "An Overview of Investigative Interviewing"
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One of the strengths of the interviewer was that he was capable of building rapport. The interviewer shows that he can build rapport with people. The interviewer was able to put the woman he interviewed at ease and made her feel comfortable as he talked to her. It is usually the work of the interviewer to make changes to their approach, and personality towards the individuals that they are talking to. The practice of building rapport is mainly concerned with making as given interview subject to become much comfortable (Fisher & Geiselman, 2017). If the woman being interviewed was not relaxed and felt like the interview was not like a normal conversation, then it could have been moire likely to have the woman not providing information. The other strength that the interviewer demonstrated was being methodical. The interviewer was methodical as during the interview he was well prepared and planned as he interviewed in a systematic manner. Throughout the investigative interview, the interviewer made sure that he acquired reliable and accurate information from the victim by asking the interviewee questions that helped him in obtaining complete information having no distortion or omissions.

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One weakness that the interviewer had is that he did not first conduct preliminary research about the woman he was interviewing. Before the interview, the interviewer could have been having some information regarding the woman about her interests which could have helped him to engage the woman in the conversation by pointing out some things in common. The other weakness that the interviewing person from the video had is on his choice of questions. The person interviewing the woman who was a victim of the incident used the specific problem to get information from the woman. It is essential to ask questions that are non-specific and open-ended while conducting an investigative interview. In many cases, the open-ended questions will start with words like could, how, would and what. It is vital for the interviewing person to concentrate on only open-ended questions as they help in learning more regarding the subject being interviewed.

I perceive the interview as being an essential activity that helped the interviewer to gather significant evidence that was undertaken during the investigation. The entire investigative interview was conducted depending on the information which was uncovered during talking to the victims connected to the incident. The whole of the investigative interview was approached using investigative mindset. The interview was aimed at acquiring information that would help to further inquiry through creating facts of the incident.

One way in which the interviewer could improve his interviewing skills in the future is by developing his skills in building rapport. The interviewer when interviewing in the future must start to build rapport by starting the interview by asking the subject being questioned if they have in the previous being faced by a similar case to the current one. The other way through which the interviewing person may enhance his skills in the future is by building a professional relationship. Individuals being interviewed are more likely to provide information that is accurate when they have already trusted the interviewer's professionalism. The interviewer must ensure in the future they do not allow his personal beliefs or opinions to influence the manner he deals with the person being interviewed.


Fisher, R. P., & Geiselman, R. E. (2017). Investigative interviewing. In Handbook of Behavioral Criminology (pp. 451-465). Springer, Cham.

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