Free Essay: Sculpture and Body Politics

Published: 2022-11-29
Free Essay: Sculpture and Body Politics
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Art refers to a particular sensory impression that is created by an artist. Art is the only thing that helps an artist explain himself or herself in a material (New ODG Media n. p.). Body representation has been changing with time, with a high level of modernism may have created a gap in body representation at the end of the 19th century. Two main things have changed our perception of the human form in the past, biology and computer simulation. In the current days, bodybuilders are focusing on getting bigger and bulkier. This paper seeks to discuss different body perceptions in sculpture and body changes by comparing past and current bodybuilders.

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Initially, bodybuilders depended on physical workouts for bodybuilding, but the introduction of food supplements has managed to change the perceptions on body fitness over the 100 years. The availability of workout machines and workout instructors has enabled bodybuilders to gain a better understanding of how the body works for maximum body workout results. According to the Cave, we are all visual creatures (Cave n. p.). Therefore, a considerable percentage of our brains are dedicated to visual processing (Russel n. p.). Images that are beautiful, colourful draw our attention. Hence, the current world images do influence the way we look and aspire to look like the post conveys. For instance, according to New ODG Media (n. p.) Barbie and Ken dolls have attracted Anastasia and Quentin into venturing to plastic surgery to look the Barbie and Ken dolls in real life. The same case applies to bodybuilders as they are consuming many supplements and many workouts to grow bigger and orange.

Due to the pressure from world images and the trauma of not fitting in and feeling comfortable in our skin. Majority of individuals are willing to spend money on a nose job, breast and butt implants. Ladies are also applying to make up to make them feel beautiful as they look at upturn models and superstars as their role models.

In conclusion, we are more connecting with experiencing the world rather than enjoying the world experiences. Majority of individuals suffer from low self-esteem trying to fit in and look like the girls and models in the magazines. Therefore, we keep finding ourselves trying to fit in; for example, the majority of people do things to try to improve their body image. Especially, celebrities change their appearance and personal character to impress the public.

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