Essay Sample on Research Process Description on the Last Supper

Published: 2023-03-08
Essay Sample on Research Process Description on the Last Supper
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The process used in the preparation of the research entailed a quick review of most documents found online on the last supper. The details of the work show the events which occurred during the last supper, according to the biblical account. Most of the research was based on the materials related to religious studies because they contain more information about the last supper. Before preparing the report, I was engaged in a comparative analysis of the various articles online and checking the credibility of the information before composing the research. I used the most credible sources to extract the information that is needed in the study. The information I needed from all the articles I selected was easy to obtain through a thorough reading of the materials. I made sure I wrote down all the main points from the various publications to create an initial draft of the final work. Information related to the last supper only was used in the preparation process. I searched content online using keywords such as "the last supper," "Last supper in the bible," and "Events of the last supper." Such vital words were necessary for extracting more information from credible sites such as google scholar, ProQuest, and Emerald insight.

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The process of creation of the research required an outline. After creating the draft, it was necessary to develop an overview highlighting the main points to be discussed in the study. The framework was useful because it contained a lot of information that could be used to achieve better outcomes from the research. The outline included an introduction and pointed written in bullet forms. All the major points to be considered in the study were easy to compare, leading to the creation of practical research. In the process of creation, I used the marks that only related to the last supper. I ignored any other detail having different information to increase the quality of the research. Although the process of research was sufficient, few problems are shown from the study, which might limit the expected outcomes. First, the details provided on the work are not many, which may prove to be a problem for the research process. The details only show the events of the last supper with no precise information to describe all that happens. The main points were extracted from the sources and used in summary. I have presented the information in an understandable way that will make it easy for the readers to understand.

Reading the overall research provided more knowledge about the last supper because of the areas I have covered. However, most of the parts of the research have no supporting information to prove the credibility of the overall process. Lack of sources makes the information in the study seem flawed because there are no conclusive details used to describe the last supper. The presentation provided is brief and offers the main idea about the events of the last supper. The research exposes more issues about the last supper making it perfect to increase the knowledge of the readers. My research is short, making it provide few details of the last supper according to the biblical account.

Most of the classwork done by my classmates demonstrate a perfect understanding of the subject matter. I believe that the information provided by other students in various discussions is useful because it has helped me gain a lot of knowledge on different issues. However, some of the details attached to most of the responses were not supported with many features and information. The sources used did not provide more information on the subject matter. Most of the answers provided showed a quick grasp of the essential information. Such information has been useful in adding to my body on knowledge in most theological issues. Some students offered perfect responses that addressed all the areas with precision and a few errors in their arguments. The arguments provided exposed my views on theological issues. The artwork provided by the students was explained adequately, showing the relevance and timeline of the events.

My experience throughout the course and drafting the research was not easy. I have faced many challenges in getting credible information from the internet. Most sites carrying a lot of information are blogs and websites. Some of the information found in such sites cannot be used because they are not credible. For instance, I found an explanation of the last supper from a blog, but I did not use the information because the websites were not trustworthy. I checked the credibility of the sites, journals, and books I used to extract the information before getting information from them. That made it easy to make the most important decisions easily related to the creation of the outline. Also, I faced challenges in the choice of information to use. In my draft, I had a lot of information that I extracted from the journals, websites, and books. I chose the most critical information, but it was a challenge because many points seemed to be relevant to the main topic.

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