Free Essay Sample on Institutional Cruelty

Published: 2019-09-17
Free Essay Sample on Institutional Cruelty
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Currently, individuals engage in institutional cruelty but still consider their actions legitimate, for example, enacting a law that allows sodomy, promotes homosexuality or encouraging illegal performance of certain sexual acts between the two consenting adults is detrimental. It in this case, institution put pressure on matters to be considered private public hence attack the dignity of individual by preventing them from making viable decisions. Law makers thus will view their action legitimate but it infringes rights of some individuals.

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Haille proposes that the best response to institutional cruelty is by demonstrating hospitality which is expressing unsentimental love to bring to an end power relationships as well as healing individuals from mental trauma. One should not act out of pity since it implies power difference nor should they show kindness a midst the context of cruelty. The cruelty which transpires in 2016 is rape cases to young school going ladies which I consider an evil behaviour causing trauma and pain to the victims.

The message about effects of sin the killer was trying to portray in the killing spree

The message the killer tried to portray is that consequences of sin is death. For example, Doe and Mill committed a sin of wrath and envy.Doe decapitating the head of His wife Tracy an action which made Mill commit sin of wrath by shooting Doe in retaliation. Besides, the seven sins which were a sin of lusts, greed, gluttony, sloth and pride are all punishable by death hence a consequence of committing any of the above seven sins should be punished by shooting as Mill did to Doe. In consideration to the sin of sloth, the child molester ruin lives of children whom they do to such heinous act. Besides, if law caught up with them, they normally have to serve the jail terms to bear the consequences of the same act they had been committing. In Aristotle proposition, Given that Aristotle believed in logics, he will give his inferences about the detectives, victims and perpetrators based on premises of certain form before making the final judgment.

Debate between Amsterdam vs Ernest van den Haag on capital punishment

According to Ernest, capital punishment is very useful to deter other punishment since people fear death more than any other things. They fear death which is approved and inflicted by the law and eventually scheduled by the courts. On the other hand, abolitionist's knowledge would consider continued abolition even if capital punishment has proved to reduce or deter murder. They appear to be valuing the lives of the murderers than they value lives of the guiltless dupes who might be scuffled by dissuading prospective murderers. I think Ernest won the argument since it calls for actions to the murderers which provide justice to the victims. It also set a precedent to aid the victims not to be experiencing subsequent killings again.

Thomsons Argument for Defending Abortion

She argues that a fetus is a person and every person has a right to life. Besides, mothers have a right to choose what should happen to her and her body but the fetus right to life outweighs the mothers' rights to decide what happens in and to her body. Thus, she argues that abortion should not be done since it is just like killing. In the contrary, She states that abortion could be allowed if the action saves mothers life or when the fetus is due to rape cases. Don Marques also hold the same opinion by comparing abortion with killing an adult human being. However, Don Calls for identification of the reason why one killings. In Javis article, she failed to talk about the future right of the fetus. That aspect of life is equally more important even though the fetus cannot value their future.


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