Essay Sample Prooving that Weight Loss Maintenance is Possible

Published: 2022-06-01
Essay Sample Prooving that Weight Loss Maintenance is Possible
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There is a broad opinion that nearly no one makes it in the long-standing weight loss maintenance. Nevertheless, research has revealed that about 20% of obese persons succeed at lasting loss of weight when described as losing 10% of the original body weight plus sustaining the loss for a minimum of one year. Studies have shown that devotion to prescribed diet, a stress-free lifestyle, physical exercises, patient education, and medication can allow overweight/ obese patients uphold weight loss for a period beyond one year. Nonetheless, the process of weight loss is influenced by a multifaceted interaction between cognitive environmental, biological and behavioral factors. As such, a weight loss program that regards all the factors that affect the general well-being of the patient is likely to realize long-term continuation of weight loss.

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Furthermore, maintenance of weight loss may become easier with time; after persons have effectively upheld their weight loss for more than two years, the possibility of lasting achievement significantly grows. Continual obedience to diet along with exercise tactics, low depression levels and health prompts for weight loss are also coupled with lasting success. There is evidence that that lasting weight loss continuation is achievable and helps spot the precise approaches connected with lasting success.

There is a Link between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease

Strong scientific proof links saturated fat with cardiovascular disease. Widespread research has shown that lessening consumption of saturated fat-laden foods leads to a decrease in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In spite of the robust nature of the fresh evidence disputing this position, it cannot be positively established that a connection does not exist between cardiovascular disease and saturated fat foods consumption. It is clear that, for any researcher to appreciate the connection between saturated fats and heart disease, it is important that research focus on the entire dietary factors rather separating one kind of nutrient. On the other hand, more research is needed to be done to elucidate the argument and clear this matter permanently.

Cell Phones Cause Cancer

There are three major reasons why people are worried that cell phones can cause some cancer types. Cell phones release radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing emission, from their antennas. Tissues close to the antenna can take in this energy. Moreover, brain tumor and acoustic neuroma are the major types of cancers associated with cell phone usage. The findings show that use of cell phones for long leads to cancer. Nonetheless, there is no adequate experimental proof to confirm that cell phones cause cancer. In spite of the limitations of several studies, results show that cell phones cause cancer. Therefore, it is evidence that sustained use of cell phones enhances the risk of suffering from brain tumor.

Facebook Is Not Bad For College Students

Facebook has both disadvantages and advantages to a college student, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Some of the benefits include providing a platform where students interrelate and share knowledge relating to education. In addition, the website enables tutors to teach and blend materials that help in tutoring the students such as blogs, discussion boards, and recordings for a lecture. In addition, Facebook can be used in supporting the understanding of instruction in the English language particularly to people using English as a foreign language since English is the leading language used by young people as a communication mode. For that reason, I believe that Facebook is good for college students.

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