Modern Day Slavery Reflection Essay, Free Example

Published: 2022-04-14
Modern Day Slavery Reflection Essay, Free Example
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"What Slaveholders Think" by Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick is research that was conducted in India at a time when the women, children, and men were undergoing cases of oppression as they were trying to make sure that they remained independent. The slaveholders had some ways of responding when they had a feeling that their power was undergoing cases of threats (Smith, 2014). There have a been lots of funds allocated to bring slavery to an end, but it has been still persistent as there is a group of people who still want it to go on regardless of the pressure that has been imposed on them.

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Choi-Fitzpatrick makes it clear that there is a paternalistic process that is taking places and that is the reason why the slaveholders are blinded, and they would not want to refrain from the act. They have a precise knowledge that they are exploiting the vulnerable statuses of the people and that they are never even ready to pay them a single cent. On the other hand, some of the slaves also feel that they are doing the slaveholders favour of being connected to them and that is the reason why they are also not ready to surrender the kind of relationship that they have had all this while.

Everything that is indicated in the book is clear and can be connected to some of the personal experiences that I have had. The experience, in this case, was not contemporary, but it is modern. For instance, there was a time when I visited a factory that was headed by a European individual, and he was always pestering people to go by the rules that he had put in place. He wanted all the black people to work in the quarries as the whites were supposed to work in the administrative offices packing and unpacking the goods that were yet to be distributed. To me, this meant that the kind of slavery that was taking place in the past is still imminent in the current world only that it is accruing in a way that one would not readily understand or grasp. The Blacks were not provided with food or even water not unless they showed some signs of weakness. Also, they were even supposed to work in the masters' homes, and they were not compensated for such extra work. This was a modern form of slavery even though the slaveholders were not making it clear.

I have also been a witness of human trafficking in America where the African Americans have been subjected to trade so that they can be used in other states in a manner that is not acceptable by the law. Currently, the law in the United States does not allow slave trade or human trafficking, but those who have been participating in them do it secretly (Levett, 2013). This is a clear indication that the modern slavery is taking place and not is ready to accept the fact that it will lead to negative impacts in the future. In America the human trafficking is taking place in the form of children being subjected to labor and complicated responsibilities, the women are forced to take part in prostitution while the men are forced to take part in the armed robbery so that they can be able to fulfil the desires of their masters.

In conclusion, the book "What Slaveholders Think" by Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick was a complete revelation of the kind of things people were doing and also a prediction of whatever was going to take place in future. Also, it was not only the people who were subjected to slavery, but it was something that everyone who was not a European was likely to experience. This has been rampant, and people are undergoing modern forms of slavery in the current world despite the fact that it has been abolished.


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