Free Essay Example on Gun Control in the US

Published: 2019-09-25
Free Essay Example on Gun Control in the US
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Gun control has been a major challenge for many countries, including the United States of America. It has become an issue of primary concern in most nations to an extent that government constitutions have introduced Amendments concerning gun control. The U.S has considered Guns to be a critical part its culture for an extended period. Some of the citizens of this nation have owned firearms for a long time. However, this occurred even before the birth of the United States of Nation, and it was easy to own guns during those times. Nowadays, people are wondering whether it is safe and advisable for regular citizens to own guns. At the moment, owning firearms is allowed in most states of the country, and this is due to the belief that the U.S. Constitution protects that right. A group of people says that there is some misunderstanding of the Constitution Amendment, and it restricts the freedom towards owning firearms. Therefore, a lot of need for the gun control amendment rules requires to be reviewed, and a lot of questions are asked about the extent of freedom that regular citizens should have towards owning firearms.

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The Second Amendment in the U.S. has ensured particular rights of gun that the Americans can have for a long period. Some of the rights of the rights made in this amendment include the ownership, deal, assembling and utilization of firearms. American citizens have misinterpreted this amendment, and it has caused them to the belief that further emphasis of the gun control policy is required. The South part of this country conducted the first firearm laws. At this section of the country, the Georgia Supreme Court created a law banning all handguns from the regular citizens (Cornell S, 2006). Eight years later, the court withdrew the law, claiming that it was not obeying the rules of the Second Amendment. Later on, codes were produced in the Southern parts of the Nation that looked to deny blacks the right of owning and conveying weapons. That came to an end in 1868 after the Fourteen Amendment citizenship rights began. Gun control policy was not there during the early 19th century. During the recent years, the government of U.S has tried to come up with laws of controlling the gun ownership. Some of the laws have come up due to the crime engaged with firearms. The historical backdrop of gun control in the U.S has prompted its legislature investigating new government laws that direct the ownership of guns. While the history of the existence of gun control can be pointed out, its actual impact on public well-being is hard to demonstrate (Cornell S, 2006).

Gun control has apparent liabilities. As an expression, it summons pictures of seizure, fortifying the National Rifle Association's claim that the legislature is taking away guns of decent residents. Activists haven't succeeded in getting something besides "gun control" to stop in general society or media awareness. A different phrase should be considered as alternatives so as to avoid creating this bad picture in most peoples minds. Examples of these expressions include Gun-violence prevention. The president has even favored the terminology. However, it has the disadvantage that it fails to be clear on the types of violence prevented. Another language considered is Gun safety which creates the idea that Guns are not but, the primary concern is to handle them wisely. It, however, sounds like a guns-training course and it brings confusion to most people. The last terminology considered to use instead of gun control is Firearms regulation. This mouthful makes the subject of discussion clear, and no confusion arises from this. Its drawback is that some people might react poorly to the word control and also regulation. No improvement is therefore brought about from this terminology.

In the modern society, Gun ownership is a fundamental American right. Its also one of the most rising social and political concerns of the day. A lot of debate has therefore erupted about the pros and cons of owning a gun in the community. Most people who support the ownership of the weapon argue that it gives them a sense of security. For these gun owners, the presence of a weapon in the house gives them a fair chance in cases of a robbery at their homes. It can be proved to be true because most burglars avoid engaging themselves in cases where guns will be involved. Research shows that 74% of criminals avoid breaking into households where they know that the owners are armed, and they are at home. It means that some criminals fear to break into secure homes where they know that they can get shot. People who dont support gun ownership dont argue that the presence of guns at their houses simply makes living in such a house a threat to their lives. Guns cannot differentiate the difference between burglars and the innocent. Unintentional shooting occurs, and this leads to endangering the lives of those people around guns. The mere presence of a weapon in a house increases the owners chances of becoming a victim of suicide and also homicides involving the weapons (Cummings, P., & Koepsell, T. D. 1998).

Introduction to Gun Control

Gun control means keeping guns and firearms away from the regular citizens. Some people argue that owning guns should be allowed since the owners can protect themselves from any harm associated with the robbery. Other peoples view is different as they suggest that a gun is a hazard that can end the life of the owner and any other person around the firearm. Due to these arguments, amendments have been made, and gun control has ensured consideration of both parties' feelings and suggestions. An example of the change is that submitted in the United States of America to try and regulate the freedom that regular citizens have towards owning guns among other regulations. The second Amendment in this country has led to the increased safety as well as clarifications towards gun policies which involve issues like, who should own guns, at what circumstances, to what extent the gun can be used and so forth. The question about gun control cannot be answered among the citizens of America since both parties can quickly point out to evidence to support their suggestions. Gun control has the pros of protecting families and children as well as reducing gun massacres (Lott, J. R. 2013). However, gun control has its limitations since it goes against the law of self-defense. Firearm laws are the reason for a significant part of the savage wrongdoing in the United States and should be changed to make it easier for Americans to buy handguns, convey them as covered weapons and take care of themselves.

Review of the gun control policy;

Some activities and occurrences can lead to the rise of fierce debates among the citizens of a certain nation. In the United States, for instance, some late shootings have resulted to some of the citizens of America requiring more gun laws. Others, however, ask for less firearm control. So as to comprehend the facts about gun control and the policy itself, the following concerns are addressed;

Measures that would reduce gun control

When it comes to gun control, some people believe that an introduction of more gun laws would reduce the amount of crimes experienced nowadays. Other people who disagree with gun control believe that crime rates will only continue to rise with more laws restricting the ownership and possession of firearms. So as to avoid gun control from becoming an even more controversial issue, the measure chosen should answer the question as to whether there will be reduced cases of gun violence. Over the course of time, many people have come up with suggestions for solving this controversy. In 2000, Kelly suggested that registering guns the same way cars are registered are the only ways to solve this issue. He supported this policy of gun control (Cook, P. J., & Ludwig, J. 2000). Measures such as waiting periods, banning certain guns such as the assault rifles and setting limitations on the purchase of firearms and ammunitions would reduce cases of gun violence.

Most advocates argue that in the United States, most multiple manslaughters involve the use of guns. Based on these advocates arguments, guns specifically the handguns are the weapon of choice in these killings and this call for more of these gun laws to be reinforced. The graph below shows that guns are the main weapons used in most homicides.

A graph by Coleman, K., Kaiza, P., Hoare, J., & Jansson, K. (2007). Homicides, firearm offences and intimate violence.

From the graph above, it can be seen that between the 1985 and around 2005, handguns were the most weapon used to commit multiple killings. The use of handguns is still ongoing despite the measures that have been taken to solve this issue. Some advocates debate that introducing more laws to regulate gun ownership will only oppress the regular citizens and not the criminals. Most of these burglars do not purchase their guns legally and therefore, imposing these rules would not affect them at a greater deal. Establishing a culture of gun safety is the other way that is suggested to reduce cases of gun violence. Making sure that citizens are protected from any harm associated with firearms should be the main concern of all the nations governments, particularly in the United States of America.

Effect of the second amendment on citizens rights

The second amendment was brought about by the United States Constitution in an attempt to improve the policy of gun control. The problem with this law is that those who support gun control think it applies to members of law enforcement and the military. According to them, this law doesnt apply to individual citizens. Those people who do not support gun control think that this law applies to individual citizens of America. They believe that this law gives them the right to own guns. Therefore, there is normally misinterpretation of the words in the second amendment. Not all the citizens understand the real meaning of those words as some think that the law applies to them whereas others think that it applies to the members of the government. In other words, the way of interpreting the words in the second amendment may have had an alternate significance than today.

A few weapon control supporters trust that the founders of the Second Amendment planned just to concede states the privilege to keep up civilian armies and to permit subjects to possess firearms for use in those local armies. Both the interpretations of the second amendment have contributed to the gun control debate that has been ongoing in the country for a long period. The group that supports the individuals rights to own a gun argues that the law should give all the citizens, not just the members who belong to the military, the right to own a gun. The parties that support the gun control rules believe that owning a gun is a risk that should not be taken by anyone. They believe that owning a gun should have a proper reason to do so and also, the type of firearm owned should be considered. The second amendment, therefore, affects the citizens of America in that there are those who believe owning a gun is right while the rest think that gun ownership belongs to the members of the government such as the military.

History behind gun controls regulation in the U.S.A

Graph by John Scalia: Federal Firearm Offenders, 1992-1998.

Gun control refers to the control of the sales as well as the right of ownership of guns. Studies show that whereas these rules need to be followed, most criminals in the U.S own guns illegally. Most of the criminals purchase these guns against the law. Gun control, therefore, has the effect of oppressing the law abiding citizens since they follow the rules whereas, these burglars go ahead to acquire the guns unlawfully. The graph above shows the pur...

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