Free Essay on Opportunities that Present Themselves in Our Daily Lives

Published: 2022-06-23
Free Essay on Opportunities that Present Themselves in Our Daily Lives
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In our day-to-day activities, we have so many opportunities that come our way. It is, therefore, essential for us to take advantage of these opportunities and use them to our benefit. They are usually identified and assessed regarding their likelihood and impact, responses are come up with and the contingency plans and funds established to utilize the opportunity when it occurs. The first opportunity that presents itself to the life is accepting Jesus Christ in his life. For this, the entire life of the person changes and embraces more peaceful and a dedicated life towards serving God. As a result, one is entitled to everlasting life.

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Justifying taking advantage of an Opportunity

For example, in Matthew 25:4-30, we see the parable of the talents. In this parable, a master who is going on journey calls his three servants and entrusts them with his property. One servant was given five skills, the other two, and the third one was given one. All were assigned according to their ability. The servant who had been given the five talents traded with them, and made five talents more. The same case applied to the servant that had been given two skills, who made other two more. But the servant who had received one talent went ahead and buried his on the ground and hid his master's money. After the journey when the master came back to settle the accounts with them, he found the servant that he had given the five talents with other five more, and he felt happy and congratulated him. He promised him more for his faithfulness. The master was also very proud of the second master and welcomed into the joy of his kingdom. The master knowing that the third servant had hidden his talent in the ground cursed him calling him wicked and slothful. He took the talent away from him and gave it to the one who had ten talents and cast him out of his kingdom. Hence, we should always take advantage of our talents as the first and second servants.

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Use of resources in Bible

The perfect example where resources are used effectively is the feeding of the 5000 men with five loaves of bread and two fish. God had the right resources to ensure that all his plans are achieved. For instance, Jesus had the manpower to help him feed the 5000 men. He had his disciples to help him feed the crowds, and for this, the glory of God was manifested. They all ate to their satisfaction, and the disciples picked the twelve basketfuls that were left over. The fact that some were left shows how God can use scarce resources available to do miracles and achieve his plans.

Limited resources in completion of Project

Resources are essential in achieving the set targets. In order to meet the required set targets, then there must be adequate resources. God ensures that he provides all the necessary resources to the people he gives a task so that they can do the functions bestowed on them. For example, when He chose David as the king of Israel, he protected him from all the attacks from King Saul. He was with him in all battles and provided him with sufficient army to defeat the Palestinians. Hence, adequate resources are necessary to complete the project. Where the resources are limited, it becomes difficult to achieve the required targets.

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