Paper Example on SIECUS Report: Appointment of Brett Kavanaugh

Published: 2023-01-05
Paper Example on SIECUS Report: Appointment of Brett Kavanaugh
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The report is about the appointment Brett Kavanaugh as the Supreme Court following the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. SIECUS is concerned that appointing would have significant implications on reproductive rights. Consequently, SIECUS writes to the Senate to express opposition to Kavanaugh taking over as one of the Supreme Court's justices. The author records that opposition to the appointment of Kavanaugh is based the appointee's views about sexual reproductive health. The author notes that Kavanaugh has been documented to have helped employers deny employees access contraception in the guise of religious freedom. The report further claims that Kavanaugh had participated in blocking women's access to safe and legal abortion. Thus, serving in the Supreme Court Kavanaugh is likely to undermine the rights of women which can, in turn, endanger their lives. Since the Supreme Court rulings have significant implications on the legal issues of the nation, SIECUS feels that the Senate should reject his appointment. The report was written on July 10, 2018.

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From a personal perspective, the views expressed SIECUS raise an important issue about reproductive health and the rights of women. It is an open secret that President Trump campaigned on a pro-life platform. While it is crucial to fulfilling the campaign pledges he made to the electorate, I feel that the appointment of individuals like Kavanaugh poses a threat to the rights of women. Even before Kavanaugh took office, some rulings seemed to undermine the rights of women. For instance, in June 2018, the Supreme Court reversed a lower court ruling that required anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers to disclose information about their activities fully. In their decision, the court said that the law targeted the speakers and not the speech (Totenberg & Mccammon, 2018). In 2019, several states have proposed laws that seek to impose strict regulation of reproductive health and most of them target women rights (Stewart, 2019). Although improving the current reproductive laws is a good thing, I am persuaded that the recent evidence suggests that reproductive rights, especially for women, may be violated. Some of these violations may be as a result of the rulings of the Supreme Court. Its constitution is vital and, therefore, SIECUS has a valid claim in their call for Kavanaugh's name to be rejected by the Senate.


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