Paper Example - American International Relations. Climate Change

Published: 2023-01-17
Paper Example - American International Relations. Climate Change
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With the progressive effects of climate variation witnessed in the world that has led to the demise of several individuals who suffer from premature deaths, it would be very essential to take control measures and ensure the effects are either reduced to the most minimal levels or eradicated completely if need be. The United States as the superpower country, meaning the mother of all nations, should take the duty of directly incorporating with the European Union, to be able to enhance this. Nevertheless, it may not be a walk in the park, for them to ensure that they succeed in doing so because, the United Kingdom, a very large and developed country where a lot of industries are located and climate is hugely affected consequently, withdrew from the EU, and it's no longer controlled by the EU leadership and commands.

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Basically, the aim of this research is to ensure that at the long run, the effects of climate change are reduced or eliminated completely. America can first aim at looking into the causes and effects of the disaster, and then generate solutions in response to the causes and effects highlighted as it is one of the greatest and world-wide known players in regards to the increasing effects of climate change (Dunn & Winkler, 1999). Finally, possible solutions can be generated that will see the same change in the United Kingdom, following their Brexit in the European Union. Failure to address this issue will eventually result in an uncontrollable menace, that; 1. It may be costly to control and 2. May lead to the genocide of not hundreds, not thousands but, millions of people on earth. (Dunn & Winkle, 1999).

Climate Change in the USA.

For about 2-3 decades ago, America has come out to one of the top leading countries in facilitating the effects of climate change. America is known for its highly produced greenhouse gases. While some of the greenhouse gases are known to be naturally present in the atmosphere, others that result as a result of human activity include the chlorofluorocarbons, hydrofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Research indicates that by the year 2014, America was the second largest in the production of greenhouse gases after China. Ideally, this was possible due to the existence of many industrial setups in the country. The industrial revolution in the USA can be interpreted in the essence that, majority owns vehicles and other petroleum-consuming gadgets. This encourages the use of petroleum fuels which actually leads to a rise in levels of (GHGs) or greenhouse gases.

Naturally occurring greenhouse gases are very essential on the other hand. They usually protect human beings and other millions of living things from being affected by the direct sun rays. However, the levels has grown so high.

But after more than a century and a half of industrialization, deforestation, and large-scale agriculture, quantities of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have risen to record levels not seen in three million years. As populations, economies and standards of living grow, so does the cumulative level of greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions. (Houghton, Jenkins & Ephraums, 1991).

As a result, because America, was directly linked with this, three major conclusions in regard to the massive escalation in levels of greenhouse gases can be drafted as follows;

Higher concentrations of these gases is as a result of the global temperature change.

Beginning from the era of the industrial revolution in the USA, the concentration of Greenhouse gases has increasingly gone high, alongside a general mean temperature.

The most abundant gas in the atmosphere that accounts for a bigger percentage of the climate change is carbon dioxide which is, of course, a product of combustions that involve organic fossils fuels.

To be able to draw this conclusion, that America is indeed one of the greatest players who has increased the paraphernalia of climate change, it is important to revisit on the fifth assessment report done in the year 2013 by the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC), an organization which was formed by the world meteorological organization (WMO), and the united nations environment (Stocker, 2014). The following points were included in the report. There was a general increase in the level of global temperature by almost 0.85

Between 1901 and 2010, the average sea level had risen by 19cm, as warming and melting caused an increase in the oceanic sea levels.

IPCC then suggested that with the current high concentrations and continuous ongoing discharges of the greenhouse gases hooked on the atmosphere in USA, it can be anticipated that in future, the effects will be serious to mean, the sea levels will continue to rise to the highest levels. It can be anticipated that, if the issue is now addressed now, the by the year 2065, the sea level shall have increased by about 24-30 cm high. By 2011, the height of the sea levels shall have increased by about 40-63 cm. this was report was alarming, because it was just but creating an unsustainable environment for the future generation to survive, and with that predicted effects, no human being will be able to survive through (Dunlap & McCright, 2008). It is therefore important to look into the specific causes of the effect, to address this problem more efficiently.

Causes and Effects of Climate Change in the USA.

Release of carbon dioxide gas is the major cause of the increasing effects of global warming in the USA. This is as a result of continuous use of fossil fuels in the country. In the year 2009, Barack Obama admitted in his speech that he would try his best to reduce the rate of carbon dioxide emission and that his measures would continue to reduce the levels for generations and generations (Dunlap & McCright, 2008). For instance, Obama stated that, in reference to the year 2005, the level of emission shall have reduced by about 17% in 2020, 42% in 2030 and 83& in 2050. This sounded promising for climate change control. (Dunlap & McCright, 2008).

Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect

Serious violence and persecution cases are increasing in the world today. The United States of America, have recently been involved directly with the menace to ensure that, the wide gap existing between member states, preexisting obligations which are under the international humanitarian and human rights is reduced. "War crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity" are the major causes of genocide in the entire world. In this fight, many national authorities of various states and countries are the major causes of the increase in the number of unnecessary deaths from war crimes.

From the responsibility to protect doctrine which was published by US agencies and certified by the UN agencies and bodies stated that;

Each individual State has the responsibility to protect its populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity... We accept that responsibility and will act in accordance with it. (Bellamy, 2009).

The law gave the international bodies, US government being inclusive, to protect all the nations and countries registered under the United Nations cooperation, in case the individual countries fail to protect their citizens against was and crimes that can possibly lead to violence. The United States of America has, therefore, played a major role in protecting individuals, in their Home Counties, showing a sign of international relation, peace, unity and understanding. In history, America is known for his kind assistance that it has offered for many countries in times of terrorist attacks, or violence in a country (Bellamy, 2009). Their military who are provided by the UN, are known for their quality and highly valued weapons that frequently assist them in winning wars when faced with a challenge. Besides, the US, are major manufactures of war pieces of equipment and the potential suppliers of the same.

British Exit from EU (Brexit)

Following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom in the European Union, it may become so hard to control the problems of climate change in the country or region. The leave which was branded as a Brexit, term derived from two words "British" and "exit". The major reasons why people of the UK voted for the leave opinion, was because, the economic issues (Hunt & Wheeler, 2017). The leaders felt like the economic interests of the people were not being served well as the deal stated in the time of forming EU. The issue of the exit is still on the table, but the deadline has been set to be on 31st October 2019, which is the last day that UK can leave the EU if the deal will not be done before this date unless amendments are made and passed by all the bodies of UK. (Hunt & Wheeler, 2017).

America again plays a vital role in this. While former president Barack Obama criticized the plan for Brexit, Trump has been so outstanding in its support for the Brexit deal before and after he got the power. Trump was once spotted in his speech in London saying, "Whatever [the UK is] going to do is okay with us. Just make sure we can trade together. That's all that matters." (Matthews, 2015). Secondly, Trump is against the UE, because he believes, the EU was only formed to cut off the powers of the United States. However, even as Trump continually supports the move for Brexit, the general American administration is not actually for the deal. they feel like, by UK withdrawing from EU, America will shift its business and political interaction with the UK government, as Trump confirms, this will, therefore, break the relationship between use and the EU, and America will no longer enjoy the benefits from the EU, like in defense forces. Moreover, it must be noted that these kinds or cautionary words may not be helpful in changing anything in the deal, and most probably, trump would succeed (Matthews, 2015). In my opinion, trump may be making the correct decision by supporting the UK Brexit deal, this will help in building strong bilateral trade between the two countries fastening the rate of development by solving the unemployment and unstable economic cries by the UK.


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