Worksheet On Radiation Essay Example

Published: 2018-05-04
Worksheet On Radiation Essay Example
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Matter gives out energy hence X-rays, and gamma ray is considered to be electromagnetic radiations which involve vibrating of electrical and magnetic energy. Gamma and x-rays contain unstable atoms that are having excess mass and energy and to be stable they have to release the mass and energy in the form of radiations.

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For a detector of all the radiation to be protected by shielding then the detector must be put after material that cannot allow the radiation to go through this shield include a piece of paper for alpha, the thin plate made of wood for beta, x-rays, and gamma with lead and iron and neutron with concrete walls. If the detector does not detect the radiation, then they can identify their difference.

When detecting a radiation then the detector will be put before the shield so as to detect the different electromagnetic radiation. Ionization Chambers is a Two electric plates surrounded by a metal case. Electric Field (E=V/D) is applied across electrodes .Electric Field is low in that only original ion pairs created by radiation are collected and Signal is very small. Proportional Counters makes Electrons are energized to the point that they can ionize other atoms .Detector signal is much larger than ion chamber same resolution limits as ion chamber and are Used to detect alphas, betas, and neutrons and Scintillations entails Voltage is not applied to these types of detectors . Radiation interactions result in the creation of light photons. Goal is to measure the amount of light created and light created is proportion to radiation energy

The photons can be detected using the correspondent radiation frequency because they carry energy corresponding radiation spectrum.

Both radiation detector and photon detectors can measure the frequency of the radiation. The radiation detector is used to detect ionized particles of radiation while photon detector id used to detect light. Photon detectors count proton of light and absorb them while radiation detector measures the energy of the radiation. They overlap when measuring radiation frequency.

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