Depiction of the Nude by Donatello - Free Essay in Art

Published: 2017-10-03
Depiction of the Nude by Donatello - Free Essay in Art
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How did Donatello change the depiction of the nude? What factors might have caused this change? Include information about what was usual before his and how Praxiteles work influence him

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Art is all about uniqueness, and this is the reason many artists try to create their techniques and skills as possible. The ability to maintain uniqueness in art has contributed to significant changes over the years, and this is where art has transformed to more advanced levels. For instance, Donatello is regarded as an artist who came up with his unique techniques that changed the meaning of nudity. The style was unique and was drawn basing on reality, inspiration, determination and the feelings of human beings. The nakedness of Donatello stands out as one of the most contradicting elements to the 15th images. Despite the fact that most of the arts that were completed by Donatello portrayed his knowledge about art, none of them represented the nudity of Donatello. The primary objective of this paper is to how Donatello changes nude depiction and the factors that led to these changes.

Donatello is believed to have marked the end of traditional Christian arts and contributed to the emergence of nudity state in art. One of his first nude statues was during the Renaissance period that shocked people on the realism of nudity that was not recognized during this phase. Donatello used nudity since he regarded it as one of the powerful motif turning the statue to the living form of art, and the nudity helped Donatello in capturing the feeling of humanism and understanding symbolism and interpretation of art that was useful during the renaissance age. Thus, during the reign of Donatello as an artist, he changed the perception of the society about nudity in art and despite the fact that it was a unique element, people began appreciating nudity regarding it as a classical style. Ii also enhanced sexual interpretation of the artwork as well as humanism that made the analysis easy.

Some factors motivated Donatello in his art and focused on the concept of nudity, and one of the elements was image analysis. Donatello wanted to create nude arts so that people could easily interpret humanism. Example the Bronze sculpture for Goliath, although it is hard to explain how someone going to war will be undressed, defining the strength that he has is easy. The change was another factor that motivated Donatello, and it has been said that change is a process, and it leads to either positive or negatives impacts. For Donatello, he wanted to eliminate the Christian arts and come up with something unique that could be associated to with him. The society was used to the Renaissance sculptures that were fully dressed but through nudity, interpretation became comfortable despite the oppositions that nudity faced. For instance, the statue of Davis is unique, but Donatello did not provide a story from the Bible about Goliath. It was also argued that the pose for David was not a pose for anyone going to warm, but Donatello clarified by stating that it was taken when David was almost encountering Goliath. It was also believed that Donatello was portraying his gay opinion using the sculpture as per the bible David was a young man who was well dressed and there is no a case that he was nude.

Praxiteles also influenced Donatello, and this is the reason he managed to develop his techniques. The elements of Praxiteles that were designed from the Gothic movement are seen in the Donatello’s works in David with a dramatic posture. In conclusion, Donatello has no negative intention when he implemented nudity, but the main aim was to understand humanism and the interpretation of art in the society.


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