Essay Sample on Impeachment of President Donald Trump

Published: 2023-01-16
Essay Sample on Impeachment of President Donald Trump
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It is imperative to understand that impeachment is a complicated process. It involves the process by which a legislative body levels the various charges against an official in the government. It should be noted that impeachment does not merely mean removal from office but a statement of the various charges which is similar to the indictment as used in criminal law. However, once a person is impeached, such officials must then proceed to face a possible conviction by legislative votes, which further mean removal from the office (Sunstein 2019). It should be understood that in most cases, impeachment is mostly reserved for those government officials who are believed to have committed serious abuses in the office as it involves the overturning some of the constitutional procedures by which such persons acquired the high office like elections, appointments among others.

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The process of impeachment exist in several constitutional regulations across the world, and the United States is not exempted. In the United States, the impeachment process at the federal level is confined to officials who have committed crimes like treason, bribery, among other high classified crimes (Sunstein 2019). Therefore, this paper intends to come up with suitable arguments on the reasons as to why President Donald Trump should be impeached. This will be based on the ongoing congressional investigations on his conduct as well as the possible claims of having interfered with some articles of the constitution. This will be done in comparison to past impeachments of the various past presidents.

Over time, efforts to impeach Donald Trump have been boiling up. Various groups and people have proposed the impeachment process to be initiated against the president with the argument that the President has been involved in activities that are impeachable during his presidency. As stated earlier, calls for impeaching President Trump are increasing each day. From the time when Robert Mueller released his report as well as his initial public comments about the report and stonewalling of the congressional subpoenas by the White House, several Democrats have agreed to support the impeachment investigations (Gerhardt 2019). If Democrats decide to impeach the President, the various impeachment articles drafted against past presidents will possibly guide their process.

Surely it cannot be denied that impeachment is observed as a political process. But by assessing President Trump's conduct by the bar that had been set by former Republican and Democratic lawmakers against former presidents in both parties, the results are indistinguishable. About these historical documents, it is undoubtedly true that the path to a possible impeachment of President Trump is already mapped out.

Firstly, based on former president Nixon's impeachment bid, the article sets up the arguments that Congress would use to impeach President Trump. It cannot be ignored that the president tried to interfere with federal investigations towards his action as well as those of his business and political associates. Just like Trump, Nixon never agreed on questioning by investigators. He also gave false information regarding his contribution in the Watergate cover-up to the officials of the Department of Justice as well as his aides. President Trump also provided inadequate information regarding the investigation on Russia-related topics. Just like Nixon did, Trump also provided wrong information to witnesses even to his aides alongside refusing to allow committees of the Congress to access relevant information, including Mueller report (Philbrick, 5 June 2019). In this manner, an impeachment document would argue that President Trump encouraged witnesses to give wrong information to the public as well as to investigators alongside focusing on how the President obstructed investigations into his campaign links to with Russia.

Additionally, about Trump, President Nixon continually abused presidential power. This involved continued pressure on the federal agencies in a way to punish his political enemies. In as much as this is not a major issue with Trump as it was with Nixon, it can easily be argued that, in light of the observed conduct of President Trump, the president has also interfered with and undermined the purposes of the federal government (Philbrick, 5 June 2019). This has been through continued attacks on the rule of law as well as calling for investigations of people like James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

According to the impeachment bid against Bill Clinton, the initial impeachment article that was passed by the Republicans, it was confined on the testimony that he gave to a federal grand jury. Similarly, because President Trump also ignored an in-person interview with investigators, and did not agree to provide written answers to the questions about interference as well as not testifying before the grand jury, there conducts are parallel and ignores the major intentions (Philbrick, 5 June 2019). However, the case for impeaching President Trump would squarely lie on the fact that he tried to obstruct justice which was the same case as of former president Clinton as he also tried to interfere with the justice process. This is impeachable conduct.

There is no secret that the interference charges labeled against President Clinton were mostly based on his conduct towards witnesses in the process of investigating his conduct. However, president Trump has taken more advanced steps during his term to thwart the effort of investigators than President Clinton (Gerhardt 2019). It should not be forgotten that President Trump tried to reduce the space of Mueller's investigation through the removal of the special counsel as well as interfering with witnesses and encouraging giving wrong testimony. It is of no doubt that these are impeachable acts of a government official as stipulated in the federal constitution.

In conclusion, as detailed above from various obstructions that President Trump has committed, and in comparison with past impeachments, it is true that an impeachment investigation against President Donald Trump is fully guaranteed. Whether or not impeaching the president would politically hurt or help Democrats remains a huge question. However, there is to doubt that by considering the standards for high crimes that had been applied to impeach past presidents, President Donald Trump has equally committed offenses that are impeachable.

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