Free Essay with the Sleepy Hollow Movie Review

Published: 2019-09-24
Free Essay with the Sleepy Hollow Movie Review
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Main characters include:

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Johnny Depp, playing the role of Constable Ichabod Crane; an eccentric hero and innovative scientist with a sensitive stomach.

Christina Ricci playing the role of Katrin Tassel, a Dutch girl with beauty and white magic and that charms Ichabod Crane.

The special effects used here are complex yet convincing video effects involving the main characters. An example is the employment of headless horsemen. According to the director, Tim Burton, the scenes that exhibit the special effects have been digitally manipulated, giving a real perspective of the actions. Instances, where the special effects are used, include the case of headless horsemen and the scene of various fights involving Jonny Depp and Casper van Dien. An effective use of the special effects helps make the film more authentic, thrilling and full of suspense for the viewers continued interest.

According to the film editor, his main aim is in the form of keeping the film at short and precise to make the viewers understand and follow up, and yearn for more of the film. The editing helps the viewer to understand how an actor recognizes the connection between an occurrence, another character or a particular location and their situation. In addition, the editing serves to create a flow of how the character perceives a scene in their memory.

The manner, in which the scenes are represented in a mystical fashion, makes the film have a magical and captivating experience. The credit of the effective visual effect owed to the film's producer of photography, Emmanuel Lubezki and production designer, Rick Heinrichs. The producers resort to for a full flow of violence and mystery, instead of sporadically moments of tension-filled, frightful and shocking scenes. Such aspects of the film elements help in the films build-up, making the movie stimulating and intriguing visually. Much to the every viewers surprise is the tragic and exciting achievement of the film climax, which is one of the films unpredictable aspects with great special effect.

The film openly narrates a classic tale regarding superstitious characters frightened with magic and fantasy. The director finds appeal in bad characters like Jonny Depps and uses them to express the possession of emotion with no personality. The most amazing romantic antics and the great expression of set designs bring out a blissful setting for the macabre story.

According to the costume designer, Burke, the costumes are made to fit each characters dimensions. She works along within the bounds of strict coloring to enhance the mood and tension in the film. They cooperate with the camera and art producers to produce the best effect for the costumes in the scenes. Although the film dates back to the 18th century, the costumes are made to depict a present time design of the ancient garments.


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