Essay Sample on Immigration in Texas

Published: 2022-12-30
 Essay Sample on Immigration in Texas
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The census of the U.S. when it was conducted. It was found to have the most populated area was Texas since it has grown tremendously economically. The census bureau of 2016 of the U.S population proved that the Texas population was growing since 2010 and it is impacted by the Hispanics who contributes to the 1.4 million. The 2.7 million is the population of the Hispanic Texans who enter into the Texas city with one mind and view of making the economy to span through trade and exchange of ideas (Kemeny, Thomas 33).

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Texas population may be taken for its politics due to the change in the populations from the immigrants inhabiting the city. Texas remains to be densely populated by the Hispanics who are termed to be a young adult generation. The young adult's generation politically is of more questions to be posted on how the politics of the Texas state will be driven as far as the growth of the Hispanics is growing tremendously. Also, Plano is taken to be indicative of the shift in the demographics of Texas. Most political analysts continue to worry on the rise of the Latino population and the influx of the young adults taking center stage thus might cause the political difference in how the politics will be carried out.

It is very complicated and challenging to send the immigrants back to their countries due to the difference in the economic growth and the worries of the politics created by the rise in the population of the immigrants. As per my view, I take Castro Julian as being right since he synthesized on giving the immigrants a pathway to get the citizenship of U.S. the daily business activities carried out help in creating of more private ownership firms that aid in getting more benefits through the presence of the immigrants that hence help in boosting the economy. The immigrants offer a lot of hard work in what they are doing and also act as a source of cheap labor thus their jobs remain to be of more advantage to the growth of the United States of America government (Kemeny, Thomas 48). However, the natives are perceived to have some difficulties but everything with time is sorted out and brought to a situation that is best situated for everybody. Notably, the U.S government should invest more in limiting their borders for the immigrants and thus it is better to leave everything to continue as they occur and all will be well with time.

The cons and pros of the illegal immigrants to the Texas and U.s economy depend heavily on the negative and positive impacts created by the immigrants to the U.S government. The pros and cons are there posed to both the U.S government and Texas as a whole. The advantages include the proliferation of the businesses and earnings of the god profits have risen. The labor is found to be cheap and therefore offering a decrease in the cost thus having to earn more output. The con brought by the immigrants is on the increase of the refuges that are undocumented thus leading to an increase in the rates of the crime rates. Texas remains to be alarming due to the criminal activities rising. Thus it is under high surveillance for the solvency of this menace.

View on compromise as being possible in immigration and the options provided for are amnesty and deportations. In this world, no issue can be solved without a change of mind. The local authorities and the Texas government have no option but to compromise with immigration. The essence of limiting an outcome on two alternatives is creating another massive challenge. The business analyst and politicians have given brilliant ideas on treating the immigrants well as the citizens of the U.S creates more advantage as opposed to sending them back to their nations (Stone, Ashley 76). The best possible solution could be availing them with resources same to the citizens as for the time being before any other strategy is planned on. Eventually, there will be others that will adjust, while other setback and forward but in the whole scenarios there is no cost incurred on the solvency of this issue.

The role that Texas state should play as far as the immigration policy is concerned is first to analyze the precise figures of the individuals to be accommodated and handled efficiently. The next step is the formation of the immigration policy which might be supporting the immigration or not giving support to immigration. According to the political view and the security if the state, the issue of the immigrants should be handled promptly (Stone, Ashley 98). The immigrants from Texas is difficult to be removed, but a suitable way to take is the introduction of the steps that are strategically organized for resolving the problem. The most suitable alternative to have in hand is through the registration of the present immigrants to reduce the criminal activities and to gap on the further entrance of the immigrants into the state of Texas.

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