Paper Example. Determining the Target Population

Published: 2023-03-17
Paper Example. Determining the Target Population
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The target population in any research is very vital. Before commencing with the study, the researcher should be in a position to identify his target population (Allison, 2016). For this case, therefore, the target population should be identified first and make sure one resolutely resolves to it. The target population is an entire group that the researcher will study during the research process. To mean, when the target group is wrongly chosen, the probability of the research not being active is high. It should also be noted that it is in this target population that the investigation will revolve around as the researcher will deeply analyze the chosen community (Allison, 2016).

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In the case of students at Humber College, youths and elderly who don't participate in physical activity and how most children these days at a very young age are handed technology and how this affects their physical activities, having the target population from it is vital to enhance the analysis. In this scenario, therefore, scrupulousness is channeled at the early introduction of technology to children. As it is observed in the college of Humber, both some youths and the elderly individuals fail to participate in the physical activities. This is something that can not be assumed; therefore, research is to be conducted on children, since, character most of the time is built in childhood. Technology is one of the variables, the center focus of the research is based on children. With the case, therefore, children will probably be the target population in this research. However, it should be noted that the target population is vital in the study since it highly determines on the sampling frame.

How to choose the sample

In a given research, when one has resolutely agreed on the target population, it is vital to figure out the example (Dawson, 2019). This stage should not be undermined since it also determines on the results of the research. This means that not all the identified population is to be studied. Instead, the researcher should choose on the section to represent the whole population so that the research is useful.

While sampling, the researcher should be in a position to consider some of the critical factors. Budget is one of the elements that a researcher should find in sampling (Dawson, 2019). This clearly means that when the budget is not sufficient enough, the sample group will be small than when the budget is adequate. Accuracy and preciseness should also be considered while sampling (Dawson, 2019). This indicates that for efficiency to be obtained in the research, one should have a recommendable sample that heshe will be able to manage effectively. Also, one should check on the goals of the study (Dawson, 2019). This is very important. The purpose of the research will aid in sampling also. For instance, in the case of introducing technology early to the children as a factor to youths and adults not participating in the physical activities, the goal is to find the impact of technology on children in terms of not engaging in physical activities as they grow up. In this case, therefore, a reasonable number of children should be selected and be studied. They should not be too many since the research will take a lot of time. The children should, therefore, be randomly sampled for adequate findings.


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