Essay Example on the Poem Ballard of Birmingham

Published: 2019-03-07
Essay Example on the Poem Ballard of Birmingham
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The irony in the poem Ballard of Birmingham

The irony in the poem “Ballard of Birmingham” is true in life today. Although the mother wanted to protect her daughter from going to the street and possibly getting hurt, she got hurt in the least places that the mother had expected. I used to consider schools, churches/mosques and the malls as the safest places that one can be visited. My perception of this believe however changed since some attacks have occurred in these sites.

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In April 2015, 147 people were killed in a Kenyan University by Al-Shabaab militia. Most the people who were killed were students who were in their hostels sleeping. The Al-Shabaab is a military group in Somali that wants to rule the country using its extreme ideologies. The university was supposed to be a safe place, but it turned out to be a death ground. Other attacks have happened in the United States where students have been killed (Josh Levs & Holly, CNN)

The other place that I used to be safe was places of worship. My perception however changed when a mosque in Quebec was attacked by a shooter and killed six people .8 other people were injured in the assault. I used to believe that places of worship are safe, but my attitude has changed after seeing these attacks (Euan, CNN).

Lastly, I love shopping, and I never thought malls could be a dangerous place. I used to go to the malls without a care in the world. My attitude, however, changed after watching disturbing news of terrorist attacking shopping malls. The attack at ST CLOUD mall that saw ten people stabbed made me rethink my stand. In today’s world, things have changed, and terrorism has made things different. Nowadays I am vigilant when I walk the street or visit the malls, and I am not as optimistic and free spirit as I used to be. The attacks have made me a more skeptical person.


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