Free Essay on How Liberals and Conservatives Report NFL

Published: 2022-09-28
Free Essay on How Liberals and Conservatives Report NFL
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The political cycle is overwhelming and keeping up with different perspectives is not easy. On the right side, there is so much resistance that Trump is on one side and the other hand is the veterans and the flag. During the National Anthem, Kaepernick's kneeling is seen as a form of protest. According to Trancinski, Kaepernick is understood to be protesting against America as opposed to police brutality as he intends. Transcinski goes ahead and says that the police brutality will not be solved if protests are confined with no creative thinking of the solutions. Still, on the right, Jonathan last assert that no winners exist in the presidential skirmish see of late. According to him, white folks and black folks have a different experience with the police. He, however, does not see the point of the protests because he thinks that protests are open-ended with no endpoint and only confirms how the war culture has eaten America. In the National Review, Rich Lowry says that Many people do not like when N.F.L protests. This is because it is a sure way to get everyone's attention in an inflammatory way, where critiques become outraged.

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When it is time for clap back, people make attacks to N.F.L with no basis which makes sense. According to Lowry, because of the level of political savvy only proves that Trump took the white house in part. According to Noah Rotman's commentary, the only thing that has been won by Trump is the culture war. From the left side, Terell Jarmain of the star talks about how patriotism is not an equitable experience, and it was also designed to be how it is. He argues that black people are not free despite the American flag signifying freedom of some sort. He further comments that black people have never been free, and America in its very nature has always been violent and racist. He comments that the Golden state warriors like Steve Kerr, in their attempt to reclaim what patriotism means, stated that racism is offensive to the American flag. The New Yorker, John Cobb writes that black celebrities are obliged to adopt the ceaseless attitude of appreciating the low status of others of their kind. Zito Madu from SB Nation talks about the irony where Kaepernick is unemployed because of his protest; and after Trump said protestors ought not to be fired, it is like a protest against Trump.

The NFL protests are not widespread, especially with the whites; however, they came to be viewed much positively afterward. Civil protests begin with a lot of, and a lot of people believe they are staged. Many Americans do not approve of players kneeling during the national anthem, and this opinion of the public will not shift soon. On the other hand, Trump says what comes into his mind; his comments have no broader strategy. It cannot be concluded, however, that Trump is ignorant and oblivious in the racial context.

A study carried out by pew shows that the New Yorker slate is the news outlet preferred by liberals. The viewership of Fox news is moderate, maybe because the news channel cannot be assigned a far left or far right because of its vast audience. Other broadcast stations like NBC, CBS, and ABC, have viewers who are not to the extreme left or right and the stations tend to be more liberal. Of all the 32 outlets, nearly half have audience leaning to the left, and at least seven have audience leaning to the conservative side.

A post in the Washington Times by Bradford Richardson says that studies show that even an observer knows that the liberal professors outnumber the conservative ones. The same shows that it is also getting worse. The study published in Econ journal was carried out in over 40 universities. It shows that the democrat professors outnumber the Republicans on a ratio of 11 to 1. This study was carried out on 7243 professors. This study was carried out after years of protests related to race in the Universities and popularization of words like "safe space" and "trigger warning." The Departments which were analyzed show that for every conservative professor, there are 4.5 liberal professors.

Dissent has been part of the American politics, but Donald Trump election heightened the protest era showing how America has been polarized all along. The question is whether the protests matter since Trump has shown little interest in changing course of the policies. Millions are trying to show how anti-trump they are by boycotting products associated with him in different ways. It is about national politics, and not only the liberals are embracing activism and protests. The liberals demand action in climate change, violence against the African- Americans by the police and LGBT rights. The protests are part of the outside game, where people demand policies or support them from outside institutions. This does not mean that the policies will be implemented, but it helps in putting a level of pressure on the institutions to bring change (Fekete, p.107-109).

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