Essay Sample about Developing a Campaign for School Intimidation

Published: 2022-05-03
Essay Sample about Developing a Campaign for School Intimidation
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Bullying in educational institutions has been a critical issue for decades now. Years back harassment of peer on peer was seen as a common thing something that is happening even today. However, during that time people had little understanding and recognition of bullying as what we see as violent behavior today as was not and was just an ordinary behavior which was seen as a rite of passage. Although school bullying has remained to be a critical issue in school, several events have taken place trying to make a significant impact. But all the efforts have failed as we are still having tragic stories of youths who have committed suicide due to bullying.

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It is essential to understand that bullying started a long time ago but it has been drastically changing over the period. During the 19th century, it was commonly known as verbal or physical harassment linked with the death of scholars or extortion and all type of aggressive behavior was seen as typical mischief of childhood. The reaction can be traced back to when a teen was killed by his classmates in a school at the United Kingdom, the children involved were not punished as it was seen to be common accident among teenagers schooling together. During those old days it was seen as a regular thing and part of growing up children, however, that is wrong, and today we must view things differently as we understand bullying.

Due to advanced technology we have today, bullying has worsened as no one can get away with it. However, many schools still do not have rules and regulations preventing intimidation, thus becoming a huge hindrance for students (Turner, 2018). To reduce problems brought by bullying, we must have campaigns that will help stop these misconducts in our community. To start these campaign is a challenge as there are many parts of bullying in high schools that need to be addressed and all need a small and smart beginning. Nevertheless, persuasion theories are important in developing such a campaign.

Children from aggressive families and a society that abuse substance in many cases become bully in schools. On the other hand, children who torment others and those who witness also engage in violent and risky behaviors when growing up. Most of them are likely to abuse drugs in adolescence and adulthood, get involved in fights that damage properties while others become school dropouts. They also take part in the early sexual activities ending up to be even abusive to their spouses (Grunig, 2017). The individuals who witness the act usually increase use of substances and mental health issues which include depression and anxiety. They tend to skip or miss school due to the fear of the same happening to them. Thus, it is important when developing a campaign to incorporate social theory which will help to explain why some kids are very aggressive.

Despite the fact that we are in the twenty-first century with an understanding of bullying and related effects, some adults still see bullying as just part of being a kid especially those in teenage regardless of it being a severe problem that is leading to many adverse effects for victims. These types of parents pass this mentality to their children as, according to evolutional theory, it states that both social conducts and physical features are subject to evolution process which can be passed through reproduction. Despite the fact that there is a strong link between suicide among the youths and bullying many parents still see it as a normal thing and their children still bullying other kids. Therefore, in the campaign, this approach needs to be included to change their way of thinking.

The education institutions have a role to play in addressing bullying and creating awareness. The campaign will also require a cognitive process that can be used in educational institutions. Staff and faculty administrators, as well as school members, need to use best practices to prevent bullying in school. One of the main steps to be taken is focusing on a school atmosphere, in order to create a positive environment which will reduce bullying making the kids feel connected and safe, it is essential to focus on the social environment of the school. If a teen experience misconduct from his or her peers, he or she can be able to go and report due to the conditions created by the school administrators. They should also

Most of the adults are not always accurate when it comes to estimating the prevalence and nature of bullying. Hence as an educational institution, it is essential to collect data on harassment, youth violence and environment of a school as by doing so help to raise awareness which motivates parents to take actions (Bandura, 2014). To have an effective bullying intervention and prevention responses, it requires enthusiastic and early support from administrators, parents, community partners, adult mentors and the majority of factors. When the society realizes that schools are working towards addressing bullying, emotional and social problems, they can work to incorporate and organize other efforts that can prevent bullying.

On the other hand, it is essential to provide training of high quality that will help staff understand bullying prevention and appropriate responses. For instance, if a student comes across bullying at school, the first thing to do is to report to the administrator or class teacher before reporting to the parent as a way of solving any problem must start at the root. Therefore, rules and policies must be observed. When the matter is reported or noted, staff must be ready to respond appropriately. Nevertheless, there is always a need for follow-up responses which must involve a student who is bullied and his or her parent and professional of mental health if there is a need. As an administrator, it is important to hold a meeting with staff and students regularly and address the issue of bullying as these discussions help children to express their opinions and other emotions that give teachers the way forward. Students also acquire skills to address the related problems and bullying.

In conclusion, bullying in educational institutions has been a critical issue that has been changing drastically over the period. In the 19th century, people had little awareness of these behaviors. Most of the adults have been taking the misconduct as normal behaviors of teens when growing up to the extent of taking it as a rite of passage. However, in the last decade, there have been tragic stories of youth suicide connecting to bullying which has led to developing a campaign against bullying in school. Nevertheless, there are still, some people who do not take the matter seriously because it has been there from the ancient times hence they see it a common thing in the society. Therefore, it is vital to use persuasion theories which help them understand the matter and change their thinking.


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