Essay Sample on Improving Performance Based on Analysis of Effective Communication and Behavior

Published: 2023-03-27
Essay Sample on Improving Performance Based on Analysis of Effective Communication and Behavior
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Communication is one of the most remarkable factors that trigger organizational as well as personal performance. Precisely, effective communication tends to create a smooth platform for increasing performance. However, the motive of this essay is to disclose various nursing abilities as well as skills attained during placement practices with the help of Driscoll's model of reflection. Driscoll's model is a framework that is recognized; hence I'm going to incorporate it in demonstrating my ability with respect to various nursing skills. Referring to Driscoll's model of reflection, I feature factors that may either be positive or negative which have a great role for the future review.

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What? A description of the current event

It's a description of the current situation where performance is improved in courtesy of effective communication (Colquitt and Gellatly,2011.)

What is the real purpose?

The goal of penning down this reflective model is to enhance my research on which areas are effective communication needed. Also, while focusing on my clients (patients), the reflective model helps me solve the problem that is related to pure communication between nurses and patients. However, I take my time in examining the patient so that I can address the image information from the patient to the doctor without error.

What was the clear picture of the event at that time?

To shortlist some concepts as a junior nurse, I enrolled in the medical field where the greatest deal was to perform on different duties in the area of medicine (Durrant, 2017).

What was my view, or what did I do at that moment in the scenario?

I can clearly say from the review, that an individual may lack a better zeal of performing if the effectiveness of communication is not a going concern in the organization. Also, it is difficult to attain goals with infective communication.

My reaction?

In consideration of the event, my reaction was not that impressive since my wish fall in vain due to hesitant behavior as well as poor communication (Colquitt and Gellatly,2011.)

Consequently, I had no other alternative other than accepting my outcomes since communication as a key factor had a great impact.

The other people's deeds with respect to the scenario

While performing this, I got a very disappointing platform since the people in the hospital cooperated since they knew I was new in that medical Centre. However, it was cumbersome for me to practice as well get all along with them due to the infective communication created by them.

What was their reaction, and what did they do as a result of the event?

Staff and patient never reacted in a new way since they considered the scenario as normal event that happens day in and day out. This led me to learn that impairment of communication is an outcome of not letting it be standardized.

What is the analysis Analysis of the Event? What is the feeling of the event?

At this moment of the event, my whole sense turned to be nervous as I had a goal of enhancing effective communication and help me continue focusing on better performance. From this, my observation revealed that nursing requires continuous consideration.

Did those feelings I had to differ from the other people who got involved?

The notion depicts that the feelings might be the same since staffs, as well as clients, had a clear idea, I was new in the field. But with the nervousness aspect that I perceived (Ratzan,2001) , the ideology is different from the other people.

Is there any difference in my feelings now or afterward from my experience?

My feeling now I can say they are different since now I'm confident n focusing on the wholesome concept of effective communication which greatly impacts better performance. However, the feelings differ a lot since now I can incorporate the trait of being confident and enhance effective communication.

What are the consequences of my analysis?

Nursing is a field that pertains a lot when it comes to dignity and respect. However, the field needs a very conducive layout of communication to enhance that health, in particular, is attained with great achievements.

What are the positive traits aroused from the event and behavior noticed?

From the analysis, different concepts are linked with the nursing profession (Ratzan,2001); hence there is a great need to strategies communication so that we can achieve a better relationship between staff and patients. On the other hand, with improved communication, the motivation aspect is also conserved.

What was the observation from those who helped me in doing the reflective analysis?

While conducting this, some of my workmates helped me to make the event real. Nonetheless, the people who helped me observed that effective communication is a tool that is required in the nursing profession (Drew, 2018).

What are the outcomes in 300 words? Proposed actions prior to the finding of the events?

Which implications are associated with the practice concerning the analysis toward other people and I? I learned and made a short conclusion that communication is the whole idea of exchanging information which empowers the notion of effective communication. However, from the event implication scene were many (Durrant, 2017).

If I choose to do nothing does it have any consequence?

Yes, it will have, since slight behavioral change affects the outcomes. Therefore, I need not only to do something but also keep on focusing on enhancing my behavior toward effective communication (Ratzan,2001). Also, subjecting myself in ongoing actions, it will help me solve the problems of my clients

The aspect required to be addressed first?

It is worth concentrating on the aspect of effective communication among co-workers as well as clients. Since slight sleep in focusing on communication might lead to lower productivity hence increasing the rate of loss.

How will I understand that I differ from others?

It is possible and easy to examine my skills in comparison with those of my workmates. Patients can describe the idea of how I treat them through communication.

What have I learned from the self-analysis of practice using Driscoll's reflective model?

Effective communication with the help of continuous concentration is a key factor perceived as well need to be focused. I'm humble in this medical field which has a lot of challenges though.

In conclusion, communication is the whole idea of exchanging information either in hard or soft copy between two or many people. However, the idea of communication either verbal or non-verbal has a great role in enhancing performance. Therefore, the analysis model is worth to be utilized since I was in a position to test my abilities with respect to my behavior toward communication.


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