Ina's Personal Essay Sample

Published: 2020-11-26
Ina's Personal Essay Sample
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I am an Albanian woman residing in the United States of America, a wife and a mother to a five-year-old daughter. For about six years now, I have been living in the States. A few years ago, I attained a Bachelors degree in Psychology back in my home country Albania. Currently, I am working as a pharmacist technician in the U.S. and liking my job. I faced many challenges while in college in achieving my goals for success. My husband had to face a trial in the Federal Court during my fall semester, in November 2014. He was jailed for three years. The situation hindered me from successfully achieving good grades for two semesters.

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However, my husband is the greatest person ever in my life. He is my biggest inspiration and the reason as to why I want to pursue a pharmacist course. He has always offered me support since my first day in the United States. It has been difficult for me to attend classes while working and looking after my daughter and my family. Albania is a poor state with limited healthcare services, inadequate supply of medicine and a few healthcare providers. This situation makes me sad, especially when I think of my parents who live in Albania. Deep in my heart, I feel sorry because it is clear that they cannot access good healthcare services and get treated for their ailments.

Pursuing the pharmacy career has always been my greatest dream that I would love to come true. The main reason for choosing this career is because I want to treat people and take good care of them. Everyone should adopt a fundamental role in contributing to a better future by achieving what they believe is best. My aim is to make a discovery that will help improve the past innovations and to better the human life. My wish is to see every generation taking a leading position in ensuring that they mold human life into a better one. I have been privileged to enjoy exposure to the aspects of this profession; this has assured me of a bright future in the field of pharmacy. I cannot allow all this progress to go to waste by not advancing in my education. By fulfilling this dream, my husband will be so proud of my achievements once he gets out of prison because he has always wanted the best for me.

Pharmacists work closely with doctors and nurses to ensure that patients receive proper medications. This helps create a stronger workforce between the healthcare personnel and provides better services to patients. I will like a position that will enable me to give proper prescriptions to patients and help reduce cases of drug abuse. During an epidemic situation such as the Ebola strike, I want to play a fundamental role in curbing the disease from spreading widely and reduce the mortality rate. I want to manage the distribution of proper and correct medications. My biggest wish is to practice this profession here in the U.S.

There are many advantages available to this profession in the U.S. Pharmacists earn more than most people in other occupations, and this will help me cater for all my financial needs. I will also have a job security due to the high demand for more pharmacists in the States. This will enable me to give a report on effects of different medicines and their efficiency. This crucial information will aid the process of making advances on medicines in drug engineering. I can develop good relationships with regular clients and be able to monitor their progress as I carry on with my work. I am aware that I am the master of my life and able to fulfill my ambition as long as I remain focused on it. I have confidence in myself, and aiming to make good Pharmacist.

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