Literary Essay Sample on How Jane Eyre's Past Affects Her

Published: 2022-02-22
Literary Essay Sample on How Jane Eyre's Past Affects Her
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Jane Eyre is an orphan who is raised by Mrs. Reed who happens to be her aunt. Jane is faced with tough times at her childhood where her cousins John Reed fight her every time (Michie & Elsie 10). The narrator describes Jane's family as unloving; her aunt once imprisoned her in a room where she always thought about seeing the spirit of her dead uncle. She also fainted and screamed in the red-room, on many occasion caring people as Mr. Lloyd suggests to Jane's aunt to take Jane to school in mind that she would stop seeing the ghost. Finally, her aunts admit and take Jane to school; however, things tend to be more robust than before; her idyllic mood always disturbs her. The schools head teacher is a hypocritical man who is very cruel and uses schools resources for his self-gain. Jane befriends a girl who always finds herself in issues at the schools and devoted girl, they later help each other share thought, but later an epidemic enters into the school killing her friend Hellen.

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Life seems to turn differently when the school head teacher is transferred, and other caring and focused teachers take over the management. Janes excel perfectly in her studies and also teaches in the school before getting a job (Michie & Elsie 42). While at the school Jane finds a guy he called himself Rochester and falls for Rochester. At one evening Jane saved Rochester from the fire that was lit on his house. Jane wishes to understand the whole story but she later sees Rochester come home with a beautiful girl called Blanche, she feels that her problems still persists I n her life. But surprisingly, Rochester proposes to Jane leaving Blanche, but the whole scenario seems disbelieving to Jane. Further, they decided to have a wedding.

On the wedding day, Mr. Mason enters the party before the exchange of vows and shouts that Rochester is already married to his sister (Michie & Elsie 66). Rochester admits and claims that his first wife is mad, he changes the wedding venues to Thornfield where he pays a man to hide his wife Bertha (the "mad"). Bertha is the one who initially set fire at Rochester's house; Jane is later forced to spend nights outside and begs for food. Jane decides to leave the place and move to Gateshead to see her aunt, Mrs. Reed. Finally, she meets three siblings namely John, Mary, and Diana. John helps Jane to find a teaching job in Morton school and tell Jane that her deceased uncle John Eyre left properties to Jane. Jane finally decides to share the property left by her uncle equally amongst the newly found relatives. However, John tells Jane that she wants to marry her, Jane finds her self-confused after contemplating on her problems, and her past marriage that was ruined. She decides not to marry the sibling, and John heads to his missionary activities to India.

Finally, Jane finds herself with thoughts of Rochester; she could her Rochester sound calling on her as she experienced in red-room in her childhood. Resistively she decides to seek Rochester. She found that Rochester estate was burned down by Bertha who perished in the fire, and Rochester lost his sight (Michie & Elsie 71). Rochester seems to be very happy when he hears Janes voice; Jane married Rochester despite his condition. Later Rochester gains his sight, and they live happily in their marriage. The other two siblings Mary and Diana also married leaving john unmarried and still in his missionary life.

Jane's childhood was humiliating and unfriendly, from home, school to work; she found problems that did not head to her wish. The past experiences she had made her hardcore in life, she decided to seek Rochester even after realizing that he had a wife. The life and values they shared with Hellen back at school made her help Rochester when bertha lit a fire at his house. Jane survived the life she faced outdoors until she meets new relatives (Michie & Elsie 72). She decided to meet her aunt reveals the values she had. Those values are evident in her decision to seek Rochester at Ferndean not considering what Rochester did to her. Jane did not see a big deal when she saw Rochester enter into his house with Blanche (the beautiful girl). Perhaps, her uncle's ghost wanted Jane to find out that there are properties left for her. Further, Jane also cares and shared the experience with people like Hellen; the same thing happened when she decided to share her uncle's wealth with the other three siblings. Everything Janae faced in childhood reflected in her later days and always had a solution. First, Jane found a helper who suggested that Jane should go to school. Second, Jane meets Hellen whom they shared experiences, and later the cruel head teacher got transferred. Third, she was kicked out and turned to a beggar but latterly become a provider after she found three siblings. In the situation that she heard Rochester calling her sparked the memories of her uncle's ghost. She went to Fendean, and they rebuild their marriage with Rochester.

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Michie, Elsie B., and Elsie Browning Michie, eds. Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre: A Casebook. Oxford University Press, USA, 2006.

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