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The Diary of Anne Frank Essay: Inspirational Sample Papers

 Date: June 25, 1947

 Genre: Autobiography

 Author: Anne Frank

 Characters: Anne Frank, Margot Frank, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Mr. van Daan, Mrs. van Daan, Peter van Daan, Albert Dussel, Mr. Kugler, Mr. Kleiman, Bep Voskuijl, Mr. Voskuijl, Miep Gies, Jan Gies, Hanneli, Peter Schiff, Hello Silberberg.

 Based on: the real-life story of the author. The autobiographic work reveals some interesting details of Anne Frank’s life.


 Hanneli - Anne’s best friend, symbolizes the struggles and sufferings of the Jews.

 Grandma - is a symbol of hope that appears in times of tribulations and problems.

 Peter Schiff - the symbol of true love and friendship Anne desires for.

 Influence: Anne Frank received the diary as a gift and started making notes then. However, later when her Jewish family went into hiding, it became a war document. 

 Plot: It is a story of Anne Frank’s family that lives in Germany and had to go into hiding at some moment when the Nazi Party started suppressing Jews in Europe. The family escapes to Amsterdam and continues to hide with other Jewish people. 

 Interesting facts:

 Anne was not the real name of the girl

 The diary Anne wrote was a gift for her 13th birthday

 There are two versions of Anne’s diary

 Anne died in 1945

 Anne’s family was originally German


 Not being able to go outside upsets me more than I can say, and I'm terrified our hiding place will be discovered and that we'll be shot. That, of course, is a fairly dismal prospect.

 I think it's odd that grown-ups quarrel so easily and so often and about such petty matters. Up till now I always thought bickering was just something children did and that they outgrew it.

 Now that I'm rereading my diary after a year and a half, I'm surprised at my childish innocence. Deep down I know I could never be that innocent again, however much I'd like to be.

 Oh, I'm becoming so sensible! We've got to be reasonable about everything we do here… I'm afraid my common sense, which was in short supply, to begin with, will be used up too quickly and I won't have any left by the time the war is over.

 My mind boggles at the profanity this honorable house has had to endure in the past month… To tell you the truth, I sometimes forget who we're at odds with and who we're not.

 Why is this topic important: The autobiography of Anne Frank gives a lot of valuable lessons for people. It teaches us to accept challenges and overcome them. It helps to deal with life's tribulations. It gives guidelines on how to notice and value the small things we get every day. 

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