Essay Sample on Factors Influencing American's Diet

Published: 2023-03-29
Essay Sample on Factors Influencing American's Diet
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Hunger is the key driver for eating, but what individuals choose to eat is determined by several factors. Therefore, there is a need to understand the determinants which influence the food choice of individuals. For the case of Americans, there are a number of factors that influence their diet and this paper will thus try to look at psychological, medical, social and environmental factors on the dietary of Americans.

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Psychological Factors

Usually, psychological factors relate to peoples' minds and emotions and are hard to describe. They vary from one individual to another based on their upbringing and lifestyle. Some of the psychological factors that influence Americans' diet are beliefs, values, habits and even their past experiences on foods chosen. The choices that are made brought about by attitudes and emotions have been known to vary from one day to another. The values that most likely impact the food choices of Americans are linked to the maintenance of health and food origins. Some of the Americans for instance, highly value the animals' rights to freedom in that they are against the consumption of animals' products that include milk, eggs, meat and dairy products (Dimitri, & Rogus, 2014). To some, they may find it hard and take killing and consuming animals so much revolting. When it comes to beliefs, Americans have different religions that have restrictions on the kinds of foods they expect their followers to eat.

Social Factors

The cultures that Americans live in together with the kinds of contacts they have with each other has been known to influence their food choices. Also, the types of jobs and education, lifestyle, and the sizes of Americans families play a key role in the dietary of Americans. Many cultures and traditions among the Americans are linked to special occasions; for instance, Easter involves different types of food. The social occasion and festivals usually involve food; therefore, among the Americans, the meals are usually the aim of the event. When it comes to lifestyle, education is one of the factors that influence choices of diet among them. The better-informed Americans about dietary requirements, nutrient content of foods and preparation of various foods are wiser on their food selection.

Environmental Factors

The Americans possess a variety of food choices, and the environmental factors are among the major influencers when selecting and purchasing their preferred diets. The environmental factors, for instance, time of the day, weather, advertisements and the immediate settings significantly influence the choice of foods among the Americans. The markets and restaurants usually take advantage of the same for example; the buffer restaurant may arrange items in a given order knowing that an American will usually decide to have more of the first few products. Moreover, government policies are other environmental factors that have appeared to influence the choice of diets among Americans. Some of the government policies influence the prices of produced food and are then passed onto ordinary Americans, which in turn impacts their food purchases.

Medical Factors

Most Americans have been diagnosed with different diseases that have influenced their diet. Also, Americans with disabilities and developmental issues exhibit varying food preferences. Food allergies and food intolerances are some of the other medical factors that influence the diet among Americans. The Americans, for instance, which have been diagnosed with a food allergy, have medically been advised to avoid some kinds of food.


Dimitri, C., & Rogus, S. (2014). Food choices, food security, and food policy. Journal of International Affairs, 19-31.

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