Free Essay Describing the Experiment of Growing Gummy Bears

Published: 2018-01-30
Free Essay Describing the Experiment of Growing Gummy Bears
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The experiment intends to examine how gummy bears’ growth is influenced by either tap water or salty water. The lab test requires one to have prior knowledge of cell physiology since gummy bears' growth depends mostly on understanding the transport of molecules and how certain factors affects the transport system.


The cell membrane is a vital organ in leaves of a plant since it is the organelle that allows intake and exit of molecules from the cells of the leaves. One of the properties of the cell membrane is that it is selectively permeable hence can differentiate large molecules from small molecules. The ability enables it to allow molecule of a certain size to pass through. Gummy bears also have a semi-permeable membrane that only allows certain materials to pass through but because it's non-living the membrane cannot differentiate specific materials like the cell membrane of the cell leaves.


What is the effect of different solute concentration on growth of gummy bears (effect of growth on tap water and salty water?)


The Gummy Bears were placed in tap water and in salt water to determine whether the concentration of solute will alter the rate at which the gummy bears will grow.


Growth rate, Tap water and salty water

Dependent variable: growth rate of gummy bears


The growth was faster in tap water than salty water


Gummy are made from a combination of gelatin, citric acid, glucose syrup, sugar, flavoring and color (food color). Since most of the ingredients that make the gummy bears are solute, it is evident that placing them in tap water will lead to an increase in gummy bear’s size faster than in salty water through osmosis.

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