Free Essay on Employment Branding Policy that Focuses on Branding

Published: 2022-08-30
Free Essay on Employment Branding Policy that Focuses on Branding
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Matching employee skills causes a change in branding policy. Internal and external recruitment takes the center of the stage (Daniels & De Jonge, 2010). Also, matching the aspects of health benefits, employee well-being and performance are relevant in buffering models concerning work stress. An organization might consider setting up high expectations and standards thus the aspect affects the external and internal strategies of the organization.

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Employee Impact on the Strategy Selected

Employee retention will depend on the strengths and qualities that the organization requires and considers to be viable for championing higher results in the organization. Match and fitting skills and behaviors might make an organization to be selective on the employees to be retained.

Legal and Ethical Issues

The legal and ethical issue that is to be considered is the fact that there is the need to uphold diversity. Since diversity makes employees to have diverse behaviors, it will be unethical to choose employees according to the desired behavior (Di Giuli & Kostovetsky, 2014). Also, setting up high standards will be unethically and legally unacceptable it will be used as a basis for focusing on the employees to be recruited.

Branding and Diversity

Some branding might affect employees' inquiry into the concerns between the features of the job that are set to enhance the wellbeing and health of employees (Daniels & De Jonge, 2010). On the other hand, diversity is sometimes affected by the kind of designs that tend to cause work stress. For instance, the adoption of demand control support model, high expectations of duty performance might affect some employees who consider smart working to be the approach that they allude to.

How Diversity Affects Succession Plan

Diversity leads to discrimination in the succession plan. In most cases, the race that is dominant in an organization determines the employees to succeed the higher position. Also, the aspect of the match and person-environment fit is an issue that affects the succession plan (Brakus, Schmitt & Zarantonello, 2009). Different elements of job design like customer satisfaction lead to challenges in the succession plan since, at times, there is the need to be sensitive on the inclusion of diversity in the organization.

Effect of Transparency

Lack of transparency might make most diverse cultures to shy away due to the perceived discrimination that might occur.


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