Essay Sample: Transitional Processes of Adult Day Care Facilities

Published: 2018-03-17
Essay Sample: Transitional Processes of Adult Day Care Facilities
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There are various qualitative methods that can be used which include group discussions with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 10 participants. Interviews with members that must be in-depth, observations that lie within the context and lastly is the journal and diary exercises. The sessions for collecting the data are always conducted through phone calls, in persons, through the internet, through video conferencing among others (Irvine, 2017).

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The findings that are discovered include the structures that are required to establish a daycare. The expectations that the elderly and their loved ones have while engaging the assistance of daycares, the source of resources that are used in the daily management of the centers among others.

Through interviews, it has been clear that chairpersons of various daycare centers have developed proposals to get funds from donors to perform various projects. As such, they have over quoted the price of items yet later purchase them in bulk thus saving a lot for their use. As such, Daycare centers have turned out to be profit making. Apart from that, it has been read from the internet how some daycares have invested in business thus having getting profit from their investments.

Through observations, it has been witnessed that daycare centers collect money from the people who bring their loved ones to daycare that in return they use to do other business. As such, they can be viewed as profit making entities. Through video conferencing, it has been realized that various daycare centers, on the other hand, fail to make a profit but prioritize the caring for the elderly. They, in turn, get resources from donors but make good use of it to the last cent. It is important to note that there are different ways that daycares are managed grouping them as either profit-making or not – profit making.


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