Free Essay. The Star Film Analysis

Published: 2023-03-15
Free Essay. The Star Film Analysis
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The Star is a 2017 movie directed by Timothy Reckart based on the first Christmas from a different perspective. Starring a collection of vocal talent such as Tracy Morgan, Christopher Plummer, Tyler Perry, Patricia Heaton, Oprah Winfrey, among others, The Star offers an animated version of the birth of Christ narrated from the animal's point of view. Surrounding the nativity, the animation centered around Bo, a small brave donkey who seems exhausted by the daily grinding at the village mill. Bo frees himself and embarks on a journey and teams up with Ruth; a delightful sheep lost from her flock and Dave; a dove reserving the aspiration to join the king's royal parade alongside three wise camels and different stable animals. Bo, Ruth, and Dave follow a star which provided the basis of the narrative about the first Christmas.

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The Star draws a significant association with human services and development not only of its basis on a religious narrative but also on the fact that it provides the narrative from a different perceptive characterizing animal. Within the film various elements symbolizing human service as well as the proper use of thematic elements to deliver the intention of the narrative in the presentation of the animation are majorly applied. In the introduction of the film, it offers an exceptional beginning that creates a sense of humor and interest in the film as it talks of "Nazareth nine months B.C." Additionally, there are features of human development whereby, throughout the adventure, Dave, Bo, and Ruth encourage each other as they strive to protect Mary and Joseph from Herod. In most of the cases, Bo and Dave are seen willing to sacrifice their dreams to protect Christ's mother. Such occurrences deliver a significant explanation concerning human actions. The actual intentions of the film are realized as the events, language, and actions in the film echo specific religious aspects as well as providing proper symbolism with the animal characters.

Correspondingly, a dominate worldview is presented throughout the movie in that the fictional play corresponds and remains true to the biblical narrative of the first Christmas. With such a dominant worldview, the film tries to keep with the narrative's animal-centric perspective, not forgetting their roles in defining human service and responsibilities. Such events in the movie create the impression of human development and service as the different animated characters try to deliver the plot of the story. As the story develops, the various roles are produced in a lively manner, with each of the characters bearing a specific reason for being involved with the plot of the film. The narrator, who is providing a religious story, clearly points out the interaction and relationship between religion and human service, which gives the audience a chance to think of the biblical narrative. For example, with the character of Bo and Dave, the narrator shows how their ambitions turn them into heroes.

The Star is presented with a focus on character over the setting of the movie since it through the roles that the actual message and intentions of the film are conveyed. Compared to other similar animated films, the visual scheme used is stripped down but delivers a proper representation of the biblical story. In as much as the animations are perfectly presented, the plot or the storyline of the film beats all odds as it offers the actual interaction of religion to human service. Also, with the introduction of songs in the movie, this could be used to create the connection between the fiction in the film and the well-represented biblical story. In the end, it is difficult to ignore the profound effect the narrative has on humankind both in terms of religious practice and human service.

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