Hiring Diversity Essay, Free Example for Everyone

Published: 2022-08-01
Hiring Diversity Essay, Free Example for Everyone
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Multiple studies have shown that company diversity, no matter the industry, can deliver in more significant earnings and toughen business processes. When making strategic staffing choices, one has to decide on whether to pursue workforce diversity actively or passively. The other factors to be considered are the ethical reasons that relate to that particular workforce diversity of choice.

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The active approach of workforce hiring will ensure that the interest of people more so those of different gender and races are represented when hiring. In other words, it considers the needs of the minority such as women and youth who would otherwise not get such opportunities. In this period of the expanded spotlight on workforce assorted variety, contemporary working environments have been scrutinized entirely in the insightful and lay written works for neglecting to coordinate differing laborers viably (Fassinger, 2008). Through this approach, the minority groups can get protection against issue issues related to unemployment discrimination, bias inadequate inclusion, and underutilization (including unemployment and untapped talents (Fassinger, 2010).

In taking the passive approach, only the top talents which are deemed to be more critical to the organization's need will get consideration for employment from a pool of other several applicants. The process is carried out using AL which is one of the new recruiting tools that eliminates bias in filtering the top talents. Indeed, choosing this type of diversity as part of a workforce is entirely instrumental in any organization's success (Cloutier, 2015). The process will ensure that only the best of the best are selected and given a chance to improve the performance of the organization by providing maximum output. The approach ensures that there is no discrimination and eliminates nepotism by ensuring that only those that qualify to get the opportunity to serve.

Maybe the best approach would be a mix of both passive and active. Combining both active and passive approaches will be the best option and will ensure that issues of discrimination and unemployment are dealt with adequately. Diversity makes for more sustainable decisions (Guy, 2010). Giving a chance to people of different groups which include the minority should not be deemed denying opportunity to the most qualified candidates. Among the minorities, there are also those that qualify and taking the approach of active and passive diversity hiring not only takes into consideration work ethics but also gives room to a broad range of ideas brought about by these different groups of individuals.

Gone are the days when the newcomer should emulate the usual: when ladies ought to be like men (Guy, 2010). More sound decisions that are of importance to the organization emerge when hammered out with consideration for all (Guy, 2010). Achieving this is only possible through the approach of pursuing workforce diversity actively and passively.


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