Free Essay Example: Types of Business Organization

Published: 2023-03-22
Free Essay Example: Types of Business Organization
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The structural business orientation presents the description of the business framework and how the structure will help the business in achieving its intended objectives and goals. Generally, companies are always formed based on two objectives; community-based service or to generate more income (Grimslay, 2018). The prowess and success of any business depend solely on the available financial resources to efficiently deliver to the targeted consumers. The organization of such activity depends on its oriented type, whether it is service delivery, merchandise dealings, manufacturing, or a hybrid form of business.

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Gemma and James' motive of providing a secure environment for the society around them could is definable under the service delivery business. With the use of the developed prototype, service delivery in various sectors such as health, logistics, security, and safety, among others, is made easy (Nicholas, 2018). The two students can reliably provide security and disaster management service to the employment of their prototype creation.

Need for Training

For any company to be prowess, it must be up to date with the current trending and advances in the world of technology. For the duo, Gemma and James, to work out their technological invention and achieve their intended goals. As Cooper, L and Vyas, (2019) state, favorable training and skills are required to facilitate a smooth and productive business. Some of the essential training skills that are significant in guiding business organizations include; prioritizing the consumer's interest, informed and simplified formation that does not complicate your desires, simplified design and room for advancement, be ready to serve the targeted consumers, a preparatory setup before embarking on a business journey, the business should be defined by the proprietor's capabilities among other relevant skills.

IP rights and Innovations

Intellectual property rights play a significant role in regulating the possible risks associated with the innovative idea. IP rights are responsible for securing the market area for technological innovations and providing a fair and competitive business for such changes. Most of the inventions are based on profit generation and economic stability (Mayer et al.). Robotic innovation is an idea that has been in existence for a while now in the business world. The different practical arises from the formation and the usage of the invented machine that makes it unique as compared to the existing inventions. All the same, there are four types of intellectual property laws, with each of them serving a specific role related to the kind of property. A patent provides business owners the right to invent and produce a new program or any advances in the economy. A trademark is responsible for safeguarding goods and service production. It provides a unique mark that enables consumers to identify their favorite products. Industrial designs are relevant for the physical protection structure of the industry under the design registration law. Geographical indicators are also used in the boundary of certain products with a particular origin, including specific features that are only available for the said goods. Lastly, copyright protection laws provide leverage protection to artistic and literary works (WIPO, 2019).

Among all these, only one of the same is relevant in supporting and protecting the prototype invented by Gemma and James. Patent defense offers the owners the priority to control and present any claims of ownership from other parties. There have been several claims filed in the United States federal courts over the rights and property of innovative ownership. This law allows the duo to press charges over Clarence just in case he steals their idea. The procedural legalities will only enable the pair to seek legal formalities only when they have registered their innovation with the IP agency. A patent case can be heard in the nearest federal while all the appeals are taken care of by the US court of appeal. In case a claimant's satisfaction is not met at the appealing court, the supreme court becomes the last option (Reuters, T. 2013).

Sometimes such cases fail to get solved, and the claimant might desire to do another form of dispute solution. Some other types of dispute resolutions that may be involved include; mediation, arbitrary rule, negotiating the deal, med-Arb, mini-trial, and practicing conciliation, alongside the summary jury trial (Thaka, G. 2014). Bargaining, conciliation, arbitration, and mediation are some of the most common methods used. The two parties, Gemma and James, can agree to meet Clarence to try to solve their dispute at a personal level. Gemma and James can decide to resolve this through arbitration where a neutral third party is involved. The result should be a binding factor that makes both parties enjoyable. Mediation can as well be required, whereby the third party is not allowed to force the two concerned parties.

In resolving intellectual property claims, arbitration is one of the best modes of bringing an end to such conflict. Either way, this form of dispute resolution has not been used as compared to others. A commercial and public dispute can be finalized under the use of the arbitrary rule. The US absolute rule has resulted in a quite number of benefits related to arbitration over other forms like meditation, attributing to a significant concept of party autonomy, specifically related to intellectual property. This proves a unique way of solving the dispute in question and granting an equal right of ownership to the legal owner of the property (WIPO, 2014).


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