Victor Frankenstein Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-26
Victor Frankenstein Essay Sample
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The story talks about a man called Victor Frankenstein, who is a scientist from Geneva, Switzerland. He comes from a very wealthy family that is more worried about humanitarian matters. This story is written by Walton, who composes the writings as spoken by Victor, therefore making a handout of Victors story, which is later sent to Margaret Saville, who happens to be a sister to Walton.

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When Frankenstein was growing up, he was always involved in natural science and alchemy that later lead him to the University of Ingolstadt where he studied a Corse in natural science. While in the university he intensified his energies on research on how to create life out of a laboratory. This bore him fruits but the being he designed and built turned to be a monster because of his size and even the color of his eyes which made him become terrified and run away and since then developed the phobia of coming back to the laboratory where he created the human cadavers. This made him very ill and mixed-up for nearly two years.

Subsequently he recovered from his sickness and decided to set to go back home hoping and trusting that the monster is long dead. But just only to realize that William, who was his brother, had been murdered and to make matters worse Justine Moritz the lady who used to live with him was being accused of his murder case. But Victor his refusal to accept as true that Justine had killed his brother drove him to the sight of his death just to get the monster on the same ground made know that he was he one which killed William but lacked evidence to support his claim. But, later Victor went back to Geneva, and left Justine as she was being tried and later found guilty, and she was hanged.

This made Victor feel responsible for Williams death and Justines killing. This made him feel Guilt and distracted thus made him move up to the foothills, where he run into the monster he created. The monster narrated to Victor on how he had endured for two years, walloping in the numbers and depending on nutty and berries. Isolated and depressed, he realized that he was nauseating to the other beings. Deep in the forest, nonetheless, the being learned a particular language from farmworker living in a small house; he achieved it by furtively spotting them and later knew how to read and write. This made the being come into some realities one of them being that Victor Frankenstein was liable for his misery and this made the being want Victor to redesign his experimentation and theory on creating such beings because the monster felt lonely, distressed for a companion who he never found. Victor reluctantly agrees to the request because he doesnt want to be troubled again.

Phobia overcame Victor on the imagination of having two monsters around, and this tome tended him poorly and instead of making him companion he decided to destroy his laboratory he had put up in Scotland but. Unfortunately, the monster saw him and became furious and went and killed Victor his best friend Henry Clerval that night and swore to irritation victor.

Few days later, Victor got married to Elizabeth Lavenza, who was taken in by his family. But unfortunately, the monster came on the wedding night and strangled Elizabeth to death. Heartbroken by the death of Elizabeth, the father of Frankenstein passed on few months later. In total anguish, Victor swore to follow the creature and finish it.

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