What have he done yesterday? Yesterday the boy ricked

Published: 2023-01-04
What have he done yesterday? Yesterday the boy ricked
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1b. Using phonetic transcription to indicate the following?The pronunciation of the morphologically neutral world from the scrip [rik]

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The pronunciation required for succeed the test [rikt]

Two alternative pronunciations are: Wrick and Eric.

1c. The criteria for success and failure that you have applied in

The success is the detection of the production of "ed" ending of the past tense.

The failure is that it did not visually represent the actual meaning of the verb

2a. The morphemes organized: nouns with nouns.

- he cuuk cuk tiPiS ...That rat saw the ant.

- Puk mec cuk tiPiS ...The dog saw two ants.

- Uiit cuuk tiyahPoPok ...The cat killed the rat.

2b. The morphemes organized: verbs with verbs.

- Puk he m2k kaa tiPiS ...The dog saw that strong tiger.

- he muc cuuk tug2k cuk tiPiS ...That little rat saw three ants.

- poop cuuk he cuuU tikaay... The white rat ate that horsefly.

3a. Is Coatlan Mixe head-initial:- are that and the head-final ant and rat as seen with the nouns with nouns.

3b. Is Coatlan Mixe a mixture of the two:- that little rat and three ants, the white rat and that horsefly as seen with the verbs with verbs.

4a. These two sets of proto-forms represent different hypotheses about what PTG was like, and about the changes its four daughter languages underwent. Attested daughter languages proto-forms

Gr Tu Si Gy A B meaning

1. kiUi kitiN kiSi kiUI ....*kitiN ..*kiUi 'cut'

2. tUi tiN Si tUi .... *tiN .. *Ui 'white'

3. kwa pwar kwa kwa .... *kwar ..*kwa 'tie'

4. ki kib ki ki .... *kib .. *ki 'louse'

4a. For each of the daughter languages, make a list of the sound changes implied

by Hypothesis A,

[He is cutting [*kiUi ] the papers]

*Is [he cutting [*kiUi] the papers?]

[That is a white [*Ui ] house]

*is [that a white [*Ui] house?]

[That goat is tie [*kwa] on the tree]

*is [that goat tie [*kwa] on the tree?]

[That is a louse [*ki] insect]

*is [that a louse [*ki] insect]

4b. Hypothesis B

[He cut [*kitiN ] the papers]

*have [he cut [*kitiN ] the papers?]

[That is a white [*tiN ] house]

*is [that a white [*tiN ] house?]

[That goat is tie [*kwar] on the tree]

*is [that goat tie [*kwar] on the tree?]

[That is a louse [*kib] insect]

*is [that a louse [*kib] insect]

4c. Considering the shared innovations implied by Hypothesis A as above

Proto-G-T = Tu Si Gr Gy

4d. Consider the shared innovations implied by Hypothesis B as above.

Proto-T-G = Gy Si Gr Tu5. With reference to Studies B and C and the notions of overt and covert prestige. It was found that middle-class girls as girls and working-class boys as boys: was more successful?

Because the middle-class girls are found to be hypercorrect as they are conscious of the strongest of the language, of the word with and without [r] And that they have the greatest upward pronouncing shift this show that overt prestige is commonly found in middle class girls than the working class boys.

Why is mutual intelligibility a proxy for shared grammar and lexicon?

Mutual intelligibility of what?

Audio quality of the speech samples

Fraction of non-native language speakers

Population of native language speaker in the study

Phonological diversity of the main country of which the language is vocalized

Under what conditions:

Topographical closeness;


Resemblance of phoneme records;

Vocabulary similarity

What conceptions of grammar and lexicon apply? The languages must be disorganized for which others? Marking it to ne asymmetries of confusion.

Why is this proposition useful for determining whether any two varieties of speech are varieties of the same language or of different languages?

Attitude of Language in the notions of the word can be well-defined in two major ways. The figures of speech as part of the ordinary life of languages, and sense

Two, the terminologies that have same intension and meaning for a significant criticism of several varieties of holism.

What makes this rule of thumb good only on a purely linguistic basis? What are some other applicable criteria? The problem in the political context is that Hedonism says that pleasure is the one and only intrinsic good and that Utilitarianism while the doctrine that value happiness say that criterion of right and wrong is the principles as ordinary rules of thumb is useful.

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