Helping Older People. Paper Example

Published: 2023-04-02
Helping Older People. Paper Example
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Social care, safety, companionship, and security describe the type of care the elderly population needs. Each of the mentioned types of help plays an essential role that determining how the elderly population lives. In the case of social care, services such as social work and personal care define the support that the aged population needs the most. Social work extends to communicative practices that aid in promoting the less advantaged individuals across societies; some of the individuals include the elderly population. Supporting the aged community is critical, and various policies and standards regarding the same should be scheduled to minimize distress and elevate the living standards of this group, the aged population. The safety of the aged population covers a variety of services that the aged population needs to experience. Some of the services under safety include improving living standards, provision of better healthcare, creating awareness, and emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet. Each of the mentioned sections aids in the program that associates with the elderly population. In the case of welfare, the social welfare policy plays an essential role in helping the elderly population. The idea began early in the year 1935 when the social security act program acknowledged the age population. The essay broadly analyses the concept of helping the elderly or aged community by discussing, the types of roles of human services, the history of social welfare, and personal experience, among other essential sections addressed in this assignment.

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History of Social Welfare Policy

The poor old law back in time by Elizabeth describes the history behind social welfare. Earlier poor laws were introduced to reduce the cost of living the poor faced, reduce the number of beggars on streets, and encourage the poor group to work extra to support their families. Emulating from the previous leadership and ways the aged and poor population was handled. Helping the elderly population is critical as it factors in the element of social welfare, which is part of the old community. In the case of social welfare policy, the services involved in this part of the program are made available to certain services in the region. A good number of historical events describe the evolution of the social welfare history that describes the current welfare policy. Among the significant events of social welfare, history includes the scientific charity movement. It was part of the social welfare history that happened in the early years of the 1870s (Biering 2019). The move associated or revolve around the social welfare policy as it targeted the poor population. It happened in the united states and had the role of stopping or managing poverty during those early days in the region. The approach of the policy aimed at serving and supporting organizations from a different angle, an angle far from political stands but from the point of charity organization societies.

The rise and spread of the houses for settlement again mark an essential part that describes the history of social welfare and policy. Such the greatest part of history had various roles that included providing settlement for poor individuals in society, medical care, and provision of nurses to their children. It marks the greatest part of the history of social welfare policy. Social welfare history extended to services that helped the individual during such a specific time. It serves an essential role in the welfare policy that helped individuals throughout the region. Again, the services cover an essential part or section of the welfare policy that demonstrates the government's role in its influence on the welfare policy.

Laws, Programs Attitudes, Prospective, and Resources Available

Right to dignity, right from freedom of abuse, right to maintenance, and right to material assistance present laws that govern the elderly population. Legal services, use of senior centers and information and assistance, outreach, and benefits counseling cover programs and attitudes that influence the life of the aged population. White housing conferences on aging form part of the perspective. In the case of laws, a good number of programs exist that serve or protect the elderly population. The right to dignity identifies the importance of aged people and factors in the element of value (FitzGerald Murphy & Kelly 2019). The right to dignity cover morality, ethics, law, and politics. It serves the elderly population well as it introduces them to lively living filled with respect. Laws should be part of the ethical move as it helps the aged population during care experiences. Organizational ethics and ethical action actively involve the aged population; this is so because of moral effects direct and, in most cases, dictate the life of the elderly people.

Furthermore, various laws exist that govern the care and the way of living of the elderly population. The idea exists across societies, but this section covers the law associated with the aged population. The United States holds an act referred to as elder law. Elder law identifies issues affecting the aged people to provide possible remedies. Remedies seek to lift the quality of life such a population lives; this includes improving their healthy standards and improving medical care by delivering relatively advanced services. The elder law has categories designated to address issues surrounding the lives of the elderly population. All types aim at serving such a population. Medicaid, estate planning and guardianship are the main categories that address major life-challenging issues the aged population undergoes.

In the case of programs and resources, the national association of area on gaging, the national institute on aging, and state resources cover parts of resources associated with the aged population. Each of the mentioned parts of the resource plays an essential role that determining the lifestyle of the elderly population. It supports individuals. The national institute on aging comes with a positive influence on the lives of the elderly population. Some of the positive impacts include leading the federal in researching the aged population; again, it supports the health and well-being of the same population. The idea factor in the element of care for elderly people in the region named institute offers support to the population stated during its processes as it seeks to understand the aging process and hence find remedies to issues influencing the aged people in the region. The national association of aging and other organizational resources have a common idea of the prospect. They all work closely to provide support to the aged population by focusing on improving the lives of the aged population.

Personal Experiences Relating to the Population

I have heard various experiences relating to the aged population, and most of it was based on the conditions they suffer. Some of the common conditions that involve personal experiences are hearing loss, back and neck pain, as well as depression and dementia. In the case of hearing loss, the aged population experiences difficulties that extend to low self-esteem as the majority fail to communicate due to impaired hearing (Nilsson, Edvardsson, & Rushton 2019). The experience was real when I was offering support to one of the individuals, an aged person who was a relative. Despite a single described case, I met numerous individuals with similar conditions of the same. Having hearing loss limits individual activities and abilities such learn a new language. The experiences that come with hearing loss depends on the extent or range of the condition. The scales are mild hearing to profound hearing and come with different levels of hearing experience.

Depression and dementia once more explain personal experience with the aged population. Dementia always results from memory decline and other mental disorders in the region. Dementia comes with other conditions, such as a change in mood I learned about the elderly population from personal experience (Kime 2019). Elderly people with dementia are prone to depression as it limits their abilities to remember the essential or basics of what happened during the day. A good number of elderly populations experiencing dementia experience irritability. The character of being irritable continues as the condition worsens. From a personal point of experience, dementia individuals become irritable every moment you introduce a topic you discussed. The degree of the character depends if the person you talk to remembers the topic or not.

Types of Roles Human Services Workers Perform

Counseling for mental and emotional issues and organizing support groups to protect the aged population from certain forms of abuse, and assisting individuals from types of roles human services workers perform when it comes to the aged population. In the case of assistance, the group aids different categories of individuals, including the elderly people in the region; this includes helping families and communities to exceed overcome various problems covering people. The type of assistance offered broadly depend on the nature of the problem the individual face; this ranges from common problems the aged population experience such as dementia and impaired ability to listen. Human services workers help families through personal support. This includes support by providing a given amount of money to that aged individual with low-income money. The type of fund is given via different organizational channels, such as the federal government. The program offered by these organizations of human services workers comes with other services, which include transportation services, adult care daycare and health promotion, and providing support. Each of the mentioned roles of the human services workers has an essential section or role that plays at an individual level, especially to that individuals with the aged population with complications. In the case of adult daycare, the services are ideal and serve an essential role that covering problems the elderly population undergoes across societies in the region. The idea of daycare covers issues of the mental disabilities that come with a condition such as dementia, among other causes in the area.

Additionally, counseling and organizing again cover essential types of roles human services workers perform when it comes to offering support to the aged population. The human services workers provide help to human beings by providing the necessary counseling regarding issues facing the elderly people in the region, an essential aspect of the support that the group of individuals provides to the aged population. Counseling service seeks to ease the challenges these individuals undergo in the region. Some include formed irritable characters regarding challenges; this is common with dementia patients.

Types of Beneficial Interventions or Strategies

Falls prevention, promotion of physical activity, influenza vaccination to prevent infections, and provision of social care cover types of beneficial interventions for the elderly population. In the case of the prevention of falls, the strategies involve the identification of risk factors that enhance falling among the elderly people in the region (Paulus 2019). They are categorized into various groups. Environmental hazards account for a more significant percentage of causes of falls among the aged population. It's caused by muscle weakness and imbalances in the group of the aged population. Beneficial strategies such as cost-effective measures of intervention explain useful strategy set by the organization in the region regarding cases of falls among the aged population.

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