My First Summer Vacation - Personal Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2022-09-09
My First Summer Vacation - Personal Experience Essay Sample
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Vacations bring new experiences to the extent that waiting for the next visit becomes difficult. However, it all depends on the places that one is visiting, the activities, and the people accompanying someone when going through such exciting moments. My vacation was no doubt splendid considering that all the things I did with my family and friends were amazing. We visited various places including Disneyland, Miami, and Orlando. Indeed, each area had separate experiences but worth spending the time and money. It was a good feeling since my friends made me laugh by narrating exciting stories and doing crazy things together.

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After making personal comparisons, I consider this holiday better than last year. Reason being, I enjoyed more time, and the activities were different. The other reason is that my dad took me to various places such as the beach for site seeing and photography for memories. Besides, he took me to the mall to buy clothes and materials for art without forgetting that we also toured Disneyworld. Compared to last year as well, I was in a better position to differentiate things and take notes regarding what was taking place. Everything was no doubt breathtaking.

The best part of the vacation was when spending time on the beach. We carried many things to make life enjoyable such as foodstuffs and drinks including beer. On the beach, the locals there sold handmade handicrafts such as jewelry, bags, and clothing. Thus, there were various items that a person could also carry for memories. In the same place, the traders had separate rows and stalls to sell their products. My sister also enjoyed this place since a woman braided our hair with braids. In regard, apart from moving around, we got a chance to treat our hair differently.

The other place was Miami where we stayed for a week. Like in the case of Disneyland, we enjoyed the beach, the sun, and the food. I also love spending time with my family. Therefore, getting a good time where we can do more besides the ordinary makes everything more enjoyable. Also, I had great fun with my friends as well. In Disneyland, Miami, and Orlando, no place failed to provide unique experiences. Together we went to the cinema, the beach, and the park to play football. Indeed, all the fun I had proved the need for a good family and supportive friends.

In the movies, it was even hard for us to agree on the film we would watch together. Each had a separate choice even though we agreed in the end. Also, everyone had money to buy popcorn and sodas among other stuff that people take when spending time together. In the different places we visited, our interests seemed to match as well. We enjoyed the beach life, football, keeping each other's company, narrating stories, and playing. Site seeing was also breathtaking. If it weren't for daily engagements and the need to go to school among other requirements, one would spend his/her entire life in these places.

In brief, my holiday was undoubtedly exciting and full of fun. By spending time with my family and having fun with my friends, I learned the need for appreciating having a good family while celebrating our strong relationship as we spent time in a beautiful place. In the same case, it was evident that friends can make life more exciting if a person spends time well with them. It only depends on the choices that people make hence the need to choose friends wisely. Good friends help someone to make wise decisions; this also ensures spending time together appropriately.

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