The American Revolution Essay Sample

Published: 2018-04-02
The American Revolution Essay Sample
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Causes of the american revolution

The main cause of American Revolution is the need for independence and increase in economic, social, and cultural growth. Before the American Revolution, the Americans had poor living standards because there were no developed towns and cities as well as industries. However, the need for better lifestyle increased. Hence, people started to develop new industries that creating new towns and cities.

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People started to migrate from their home places and moved to the new developing towns and cities to search for job opportunities. Hence, the new American Revolution led to an increase in population in areas surrounded by new developing industries and cities. Most individuals would stop doing their own jobs and join those working in the new industries to increase on their incomes.

The increase in population in the town areas led to poor living conditions because the people had to share the available limited resources. Moreover, the employees working in the industries had poor working environment because the area was crowded by workers from different parts of America. In addition, the American Revolution led to increase in mixture of culture as well as increase in intercultural marriages. The workers who came to work together easily married their working colleagues who came from different cultural background. With time, the rate of child labor increased because the industries required large workforce; hence, children below 18 years would join the working field. In addition, there was a rise in unskilled labor because people began to be involved in activities that they had not been trained. The Industrial Revolution minimized the wars between different states thus reducing the death rates of the America. However, it increased lousy living conditions because people started to crowd in areas near the developing cities; hence, reducing the availability of resources and increasing the population at the town areas.

However, as the industries grew, they produced great commodities that led to improvement of the living standards of the consumers. In addition, America become superior to other countries because it was known to produce goods and services that other countries had no idea on how to produce. Trade unions increased whereby America would export their products to other states as well as import raw materials from the specific countries.

Different workers in America formed many political unions that worked together to fight for their rights as employees. The unions caused the American government to create laws that would protect the workers. The laws developed on the working industries led to a reduction in child labor because women could replace the youths who were below 18 years. Moreover, the laws improved the working environments of the workers as well as led to good incomes to the workers.

Revolution in America led to improved cultural, economic, social, and political standards. The towns developed rapidly causing people to migrate to the developing cities. Moreover, the people started to share great ideas that led to economic, political and cultural growth in America. American Revolution was the foundation of success in America.

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