Hawaii Population Essay Sample

Published: 2017-11-27
Hawaii Population Essay Sample
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Differences between Early Asian Women Who Migrated to Hawaii vs to the American Mainland

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The Asians women living in the United States settled in Hawaii with their husbands who were laborers of the sugarcane, pineapple, and coconut plantations. They included the Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and the Vietnamese. They brought with them their various traditions, religion, languages, and Values. However, those who later moved to the mainland have some differences with those who remained on the island.

There is a culture difference among Asian women in Hawaii and American Mainland. The Asian Hawaii woman maintained some of their cultural and traditions values like the ‘Aloha’ meaning that one person is important for the well-being of the overall community. Also, the ‘ohana’ spirit or family is strong among these women. This is seen in the rich and vibrant customs, tastes, philosophies that Interplay in today’s Hawaii. They have a unique welcoming and warmth qualities1. However, those living on the American mainland were assimilated into the American culture in the mode of casual dressing, values, and responsibilities to their families.

Additionally, in terms of Religion, the Asian Hawaii women still maintain their Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism in the island. However, The Mainland Asian women due to the influence of evangelical missions throughout American have converted to Christians, Whether Evangelical Christians or Roman Catholics1. There are more numerous Asian Christians in American than their other religious groups.

Lastly, the Asian Hawaii women speak the Hawaiian Pidgin English a form of Creole English which is a mix of immigrant native languages like Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, Ilocano, Hawaiian, among others1. They use it for everyday conversation. But, the Mainland Asian women speak American English as they have to converse every day with fellow Americans.

In conclusion, the differences exist because of the assimilation and diffusion of their earlier cultures and the American culture.

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