Education Essay Example: Individualized Education Plan for Dillion

Published: 2022-03-31
Education Essay Example: Individualized Education Plan for Dillion
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There are a few concerns that have been raised regarding Dillion's development. His struggle with the use of language has been pointed out as an issue of concern. 75% percent of his language is unintelligible. It has been stated that he also does not ask questions as expected. His way of expressing frustration is another issue of concern. He needs to learn about better ways of expressing frustration. These shortcomings about Dillion created the need for special education.

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Cognitive Domain

Dillion is good at problem-solving. He can easily count from 1to 10. He can also sing the ABCs and engage in dramatic play. Apart from these, Dillion can identify a variety of colors, shapes, and numerals up to 10.

Dillion's Strengths

We have noticed that he likes to use his imagination. His love for coloring evidences this. Apart from using his imagination, we believe he is a creative thinker. This is evidenced by his participation in various academic activities in class.

Dillion's Challenges

We noticed that he could not count numerals beyond 10.

How the Challenges are Being Addressed

We will create various activities to help Dillion cope with his current challenges. We will use other forms of communication such as verbal redirection and cues to enable him to learn how to count numerals beyond ten.

Social/Emotional Domain

In this area, Dillion seems to be doing fine. We noticed that he interacts well not only with his peers but adults too. He can also initiate conversations with both adults and his peers. However, we noticed that he tends to get frustrated when things do not go his way. It would have been better if he could talk about his disappointments. He tends to throw himself down or throw things when people fail to understand him. That is something that needs to be improved.

Dillion's Strengths

He can empathize and relate well with others. This is shown by his ability to participate in cooperation play.


His ability to express anger and frustration.

How the Challenges are being addressed

We will provide him with one on one help on how he can express himself when angered. We will also involve him in various activities which require him to express his anger in better ways.

Communication Domain

Dillion faces several challenges in this domain. First of all, his responses to most questions are limited to one or two words. When requesting something, we noticed that he only uses one or two words. He sometimes resorts to crying when he needs something. He has major challenges in communication. Most adults and peers cannot understand him as most of his language is unintelligible. He cannot produce sounds such as "f" "k" and "g." He cannot pronounce words such as "snack" correctly. His only strength in this domain is his ability to respond to verbal prompts.

How His Challenges will be addressed

Dillion will be provided with a speech pathologist who will take him through speech therapy. The lessons will take at least 20 minutes and will be provided on a daily basis until his communication is improved.Physical Domain

His physical domain is well-developed. He can run, squat, jump and take part in most of the physical activities. He can also use different writing tools and draw shapes. Both his gross development and fine development are developed. Dillion faces no challenges in this domain.

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