Free Essay Example on Gangs

Published: 2020-04-28
Free Essay Example on Gangs
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How Self-Worth and the Need to Belong Play a Role in Making the Gang Member No Different From the Rest of the Society

Gangs and members share the same ideology in order to be in the same picture. Self-worth and belonging have been part of the society where people want to get recognition and appreciation from the rest of the community. In any society, the need to proof yourself is instilled in competition for jobs, better lives and more. Therefore, gangs are no less than the society since self-worth and belonging accentuates their affinity to each other. When society sets bars high, it gives people the urge to work harder and find the best life the society can provide. On the other hand, interactions and the need to have a social circle give every individual a sense of belonging. When one has numerous friends, there is the comfort of living. The notion of someone who cares and acknowledges your presence is crucial to living happily and content. In gangs, it is directly identical to the societal aspects of belonging. Many people join gangs to gain power and overcome the societal conditions of competition.

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The common concept of the society and high expectations makes people to wan more and hence work for the more in they need. In relation to gangs, they judge their self-worth with the trust they earn from other gang members especially the leader of the gang. In this sense, searching self-esteem is constantly through comparison ones self to others. In gangs, it is easier to be appreciated and respected, as they need the bond and togetherness to make the group stronger. Crucial experiences in life enable people get more attentive in the environment they grow. Therefore, people in gang members try to make sure they have a world they fit in since the other world is not receptive to them. In the gangs, the sense of belonging is instilled through the common practices they go through and praise from the members when one does something they recommend and respect (Shelden, Tracy & Brown, 2013). Like the society, the feeling of appreciation from others is also part of making a gang. When one is recognized in a gang, it gives more credit to the m and this strengthens their affiliations to the gang.

Belonging is one of the most crucial entity in living in a community. Every individual has that urge to belong to a certain group and form stable bonds with others. People have the need to receive and give affection. These urges are key in making a gang. The logic of belonging becomes one of the major source of motivation in making of gangs. This is also identical in relation to society. Society requires that one belong to a certain group in order to be recognized. Being part of something that is bigger than your interests are knits the gang members into a group. The feeling of being counted worthy makes one hold on to the gang and upholds their ideals. Like the society to take charge of powerlessness and the search of gaining control makes gang members no different from other people in the society (Shelden, Tracy & Brown, 2013). Despite becoming harmful to the society that urges to belong to something makes people join gangs. Many gang members join gangs with a reason. For instance, powerlessness, self-worth, control, anger, desperation, and more alike make individuals resort to making gangs their haven. Like the society, self-esteem and belonging is critical to peoples comfort.


Shelden, R. G., Tracy, S. K., & Brown, W. B. (2013). Youth gangs in American society. Belmont, CA: Cengage

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