Admission Essay Sample

Published: 2020-06-10
Admission Essay Sample
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Every day is a gift to be incorporated enthusiastically. It is our duty to bung up that day with a meaningful and hopeful purpose. William James once said that "the key thing in life is to spend your life for something more significant than your life." My interest for health dates back several years down the line when I was in senior school since I used to like and perform well in the health-related units. Since then I realized my love for healthcare and I have never turned back.

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When I began my educational career on health, I had the chance to be exposed to the extensive range of health courses, all these helped me to solidify and reinforce my intense passion in healthcare. I also had the chance to study a range of subjects during the emergence medical technician, and they have been both enlightening and enjoyable, giving me a different and new viewpoint on the world in which we stay. Serving as screening specialist in Loma Linder University Medical Center provided me with a wealth of experience, and this gave me the platform as an individual to develop my interest in PA. During the period I served there as screening specialist, I Provided compassionate, free dental care and customer service to kids from poverty-stricken and low-income areas. I also had the chance to communicate with their parents and educated them on basic on how one can maintain healthy teeth. This was an eye-opener for me and being that I interacted with people of great minds who constantly offer pieces of advice, and this made me have more passion for PA. I had the ability to write for grants to gain extra funding to aid low-income families and children with dental care.

I In the realm of emergence medical services, I grown a special passion in that field at when I got the opportunity to serve as shift supervisor in Starbucks, I had I extensive duties that greatly helped to develop my career. I supervised, managed, and scheduled associates, doing their jobs in a busy Starbucks setting with high walk-in congestion. At times, I was charged with the responsibility of answering incoming phone calls and speaking to client orders in person. I also trained mentored and motivated new staffs on providing exceptional customer service to visitants. I also ensured staffs followed the institution customer service rules and better practices in attending to customers, and suitable inventory level of necessary supplies and equipment. Finally, I had the opportunity to resolve quickly customer disputes and complaints by paying attention to clients and getting solutions to problems. The skills I received in such setting are very significance for my studies once I gain admission as PA students. The professional work experience will make in have a better position to perform in the course and also for my further career development.

Working as an emergency medical technician in the American Medical Response has provided me with a wealth of knowledge in the area of emergence medical services. First, I appreciate and largely proud of long working hours and hard work that I showed as EMT working in an ambulance. Again I was also homeless for six-weeks before working in an ambulance. For a long time, I have been so passionate about becoming PA and my hard work and dedication that I have placed in the entire of my professional career has enabled to have the self-confidence of becoming a PA. I feel that the role and duties of a PA are also suitable to my skills and personality. I enjoy working under other professionals. I get that I perform my best work when I am expecting the roles of being a team leader and working far much ahead of them to enhance efficiency and quality. This is one of the reasons why I feel I will like being PA. Well, I comprehend that PAs always function freely, check in the doctor merely when needed. In my job as EMT, I offered emergency medical services to persons that have been harmed or injured, for instance, those who need life support. I also Work as part of a group to instantaneously help persons that are physically injured and also emotionally scarred. I also had the chance to immediately confirm or identify symptoms or reasons for persons medical emergency and execute short-term disaster medical responses prior to the injured individual being transported by the ambulance to the nearest hospital. I have gathered in such settings has equipped me with a comprehensive knowledge of the profession as well as the curriculum. One of our partial PAs essentially works weekdays in the operating house, and I do speak her extensively about her experiences and everyday as a PA.

In conclusion, I am highly cognizant of the excellent reputation of your institution, and my discussion with many of your alumni has helped to deepen my love in attending. In addition to your outstanding faculty I hope you will offer me the opportunity of continuing my studies at your forward thinking institution.

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