Paper Example. Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors Drug

Published: 2023-03-07
Paper Example. Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors Drug
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The leading pharmaceutical drug suitable for analysis in this discussion is the SNRI, which encompasses several features and uses. The SNRI is an abbreviation of the word Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors drug, which gets classified among antidepressant drugs (Alamri et al, 2019, p131). The drug is essential to individuals who suffer from depression since it helps to relax the mind of a patient. Besides, the medicine can be further classified and broken down into different tablets as an end product for consumption. The essay expounds on SNRIs as a pharmaceutical drug and the functional groups of the drug.

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The SNRI drug gets used for several functions for a patient with a mental problem that needs proper attention by professionals. The essential primary role of medicine is to treat a patient suffering from anxiety (Alamri et al, 2019, p134). This kind of disorder occurs when an individual feels worried, nervous, or restlessness about an event with an indeterminate result. It will help the patient relax his or her mind to make the body function accordingly. The drug also helps to treat an individual who suffers from bipolar depression. This kind of disorder is a mental health illness that causes an individual to have prolonged feelings of high and low moods due to depression (Alamri et al, 2019, p135). The drug enables the patient to relax and makes him or her think straight and be happy. It reduces the feelings of prolonged feelings that occur in episodes, and the main problem, is depression.

The drug can also cure chronic muscle or joint pain, which may be a result of depression. It may also be, as a result of overworking under pressure by individuals due to aiming at the targeted time or objectives (Alamri et al, 2019, p137). The drug helps to reduce pain as it acts as a pain killer since it is sturdy and kills pain instantly. Diabetic neuropathy is a problem caused due to diabetes that results in numbness, pain, and weakening of the hands, feet, and arms (Alamri et al, 2019, p138). The drug aids in reducing such cases of numbness that an individual suffering from diabetes has. It is by boosting the energy of the patient and reducing the pain caused by the problem with killing the numbness felt. The drug, therefore, plays a significant role in patients with diabetes.

Another significant role of the drug is to help cure fibromyalgia illness, which is crucial and needs special attention by professionals (Alamri et al, 2019, p140). The illness mainly leads to pain in the muscles and the musculoskeletal, which further results in stiffness and localized sensitivity at the precise point of the body. The drugs help to reduce such incidence on sensitive parts and make the body part more active. Besides, the drug helps to eliminate the disorder of low back pain or osteoarthritis pain, which attacks the back and the neck of a patient (Alamri et al, 2019, p142). The medicine helps to reduce such pain caused due to several daily and exhaustive activities carried out by a person.

Panic disorder is a depressive illness that can get cured by a drug since it also gets classified as an anxiety disorder, as explained earlier (Alamri et al, 2019, p143). It mainly occurs when an individual has a sudden attack of fear or panic. The patient may experience a panic attack event without a valid and legit reason or triggered by fearful events depending on their understanding, such as sounds emitted from the elevator (Alamri et al, 2019, p144). The drug helps such patients by cooling their panicking cases and helps them relax their thoughts by putting them into focus and accordingly.

The drug encompasses several features that enable it to undergo hybridization, geometry, and bond. The pills contain several compounds that got discovered and bonded in the medicine over a series of years. Each compound in the drug helps to treat specific disorders depending on the patient who needs treatment. The main compound discovered is the aryloxypropanamine scaffold, which got analyzed to be of an alkanol group that gets chemically bonded (Taciak, Przemyslaw, Natalia, and Aleksander, 2018, p38). The Alkanol groups consist of OH- ions, where it gets seen in the Aryloxypropanamine structure. The compound gets covalently bonded further by several other compounds, such as sodium hydroxide and Isopropyl amine, which gets justified on its structure that shows the property of SNRI drug can get bonded further (Taciak et al, 2018, p39).

The aryloxypropanamine compound in Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor drug has a geometric structure that shows the compound can get more complex depending on the discoveries and improvement in its usage (Taciak et al, 2018, p39). The compound enables the drug to get classified as alkanol groups due to the ions that function in compounds of such groups. The uniqueness of the compound is that the elements in it cannot be separated by physical means, which shows that the bonds in it are firm and supportive (Taciak et al, 2018, p40). The compound is soluble in a polar solvent such as water, which enables it to be edible for human consumption. Aryloxypropanamine got highly examined and contains a suitable feature that makes the SNRI drug significant for this discussion. Besides, the drug also consists of another considerable compound in the case of this analysis.

Cycloalkanol is another compound found in the SNRI drug that suits the study where it consists of a more complex geometric structure (Garg, Yuvraj, Pooja, and Satyendra, 2017, p3493). The structure itself shows the main features and appearance of the compound and how it is related to the drug. The unique drug feature of the compound is that it encompasses the aromatic ring, which is strong and chemically bonded by a covalent bond in the structure. The ring cannot get altered by chemical reactions of the element, such as those of halogens, which include chlorine, fluorine, and iodine. The ring is significant to the compound since it provides a potent inhibitor of norepinephrine and improves its sensitivity (Taciak et al, 2018, p40). Each ring of the compound gets a bond properly that makes the compound resist physical separation. To be precise, the compound got established and rated as the amines functional group. Thus, the compound consists of an ethylamine, which gets included in the naming of the compound. It shows that the Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor drug can get classified as an amines group based on this discussion (Garg et al, 2017, 3494). In this case, the compound plays a significant role in medicine, which enables the curing of some above-listed disorders.

Another compound found in the drug is milnacipran, which entails similar rings but has a unique feature, unlike the previous one (Garg et al, 2017, 3494). The distinctive character of the compound is that it consists of an allylic double bond in its geometric structure. The structure of the compound shows that it contains the methyl group in the compound, which alters the norepinephrine and serotonin. The ethyl components in the compound can get chemically separated when there is an increase in the potency of norepinephrine (Taciak et al, 2018, p43). The geometric structure of the compound shows that the compound can further get bonded by other compounds and elements in its complicated form. The compound in the drug is also a significant component that plays a vital role in medicine.

As analyzed above, the Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors drug has three main functional groups that enabled the existence of the compounds. The main functional groups studied are such as alkanols, amides, and ether (Dongpei, 2008, p4224). The groups get justified by the presence of compounds such as hydroxyl, nitrogen, and methyl in the drug. The functional group of the compounds enables the drug to attain its features and physical abilities for consumption and desirable appearance (Dongpei, 2008, p4226). It means that the medicine functional groups have significant roles in the drug, which allows it to dissolve, be chewed, and crushed by an individual. To be precise, the functional group in a compound needs to get considered when carrying out a study to avoid undesirable outcomes.

In conclusion, the essay has expounded mainly on the uses of the Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors drug and how it helps in the case of depression as an antidepressant drug. Even though one can break and classify it further, the drug gets seen as significant to patients and individuals with the above disorders and also mental illness. The essay has further explained the main compounds that got found in the Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors drug, which enables it to further bond into a complex compound as an improvement of the drug. Significantly, the discussion has explained the types of functional groups present in the drug, which enables it to possess a pleasing feature that allows several factors such as consumption of the drug.

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