Free Report Example: Exploring Family Dynamics

Published: 2023-12-11
Free Report Example: Exploring Family Dynamics
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From my viewing of the video, the two interpretations of the family I perceive are as follows; the first portrays a family as two or more individuals living together and sharing various life experiences (DailyMotion, 2018). The second description of the family appears to me as individuals sharing intimacy despite various life challenges (DailyMotion, 2018).

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My meanings associated with the family attained confirmation effectively from the viewing of the video. For instance, the first meaning related to family accrues exceptional confirmation from various families living together in the video, such as Phil and Claire's family (DailyMotion, 2018). Besides, families display to share various life experiences. For example, Phil and Claire share various experiences of their family due to the actions of their children who are in a constant state of drama. Similarly, my second definition of the family also attains confirmation from the fact of displaying various families living together in the film despite various challenges (DailyMotion, 2018). For instance, Gloria and her husband, Jay, live together despite the challenge of a significant age difference between them. In the same manner, Phil and Claire's family faces various challenges arising from the actions of their children, yet they persistently live together. Moreover, Mitchell and Cameron face considerable challenges given that they are a gay couple, which appears to be uncommon in society and thus affects the manner of their relationship with other individuals in society (DailyMotion, 2018). However, the couple lives happily with their adopted baby despite negative opinions from other individuals in society.

Consequently, in the process of displaying the meanings, I perceive various sensations that enhance my efficient definition of the family. For instance, in the Mitchell and Cameron family's display, I accrue a sensation of amusement in the manner in which they shared great intimacy and commitment to their family (DailyMotion, 2018). Mitchell and Cameron also appeared to commit themselves to adopting the baby, given that they couldn't have one. Similarly, I attained a sensation of amusement in the display of Gloria and Jay's family due to the great age difference between the couple in the family and impressively they do not at all seem to even mind about it. Accordingly, the couple displayed intimacy despite various challenges associated with the negative view of individuals concerning their family (DailyMotion, 2018). Furthermore, in the portrayal of Phil and Claire's family, the sensation of excitement emerges due to various actions of drama facing the family due to the behavior of their children. The drama in the family is facilitation by their parents' conflicting decisions on the actions of their children (DailyMotion, 2018). For example, Claire dislikes the short skirt worn by their eldest daughter, whereas her father commends her.

Large-scale social interaction refers to a concept in sociology that displays the positive and negative impacts of the interactions of individuals in society (DailyMotion, 2018). As displayed in the video, understanding the definitions of the family portrays the positive and negative aspects of families (DailyMotion, 2018). Thus, cognition of the definition of a family presented in the video will enhance the perception of the nature of large-scale social interaction by an individual. Moreover, the understanding of the family will enhance individuals' capacities to accept both the merits and demerits presented in the phenomenon of large-scale social interaction (DailyMotion, 2018).


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