Russian Revolution Essay Sample

Published: 2018-08-23
Russian Revolution Essay Sample
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Causes Of the Russian Revolution

World War I was the main reason behind the evolution of the Russian Revolution. This was because Russians were sad with the type of government that existed in their country, and therefore World War 1 catalyzed them to bring an aspect of rebellion. Needless to say, World War I was a failed deal in Russia considering that their armed forces were ambushed and shamelessly defeated on the battlefield. Back at home things were not pleasant also, the situation had given birth to severe shortage of food leading to mass suffering of the people. Tsar made an effort to conquer the masses of people who were hungry and also the soldiers were hateful to the war. Tsar had also lost confidence in the whole battle and the army that he was leading performed poorly in the battlefield. As a result, Tsar Nicholas was faced with challenges from military perceptive to economic hardships, and this made him give up and renounced his throne. Thus, in this manner, the Russian Revolution was initiated due to the failures connected to World War I.

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Russian Revolution was necessary for some reasons. It enabled Russia to embrace the idea of industrialization. Since the Russian neighbor’s had already adopted industrial development for more than fifty years, Russia had still not embraced this. As a result, Russia was lagging behind on the issues relating to technological advancements. Thus, after this revolution, new-urban-industrial regions emerged, which steered the country’s growth. In a nutshell, the revolution was necessary for the Russians to reflect on the matters relating to the relationship that existed in different societies, their economy, and government.


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