Free Paper Sample on Organisational Problem Analysis

Published: 2023-11-20
Free Paper Sample on Organisational Problem Analysis
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Organisational behaviour factors are considered fundamental aspects of running an organisation because effective utilisation leads to business success. On the other hand, failure to efficiently apply organisational behaviour factors results in business failures. I analyse the Nike event as an administrative failure that occurred between 2018 and 2019. The organisation was charged with various unethical behaviours that resulted in company failure.

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Unethical Conduct

In the middle of 2018 and 2019, the New York Times made inquiries into Nike and found out that the company management had glaring unethical conduct that affected mostly their female employees. Nike was accused of offensive sexual advances, unequal pay on a gender basis, demeaning remarks against women, and intentional banishment of women from job advancements (Butler-Young & Butler-Young, 2018; Campbel, 2018). Arguably, the drama began when three of the top female executives left the company. New York Times made investigations, and the outcome of 500 women at Nike indicated that they were sexually harassed amidst other forms of discrimination.

Organizational Factors that Describe the Failure at Nike

There are several factors attributed to Nike's failure. Firstly, the company's culture was not friendly. For instance, this culture was belligerent on women and exhibited gender prejudice and sexual intimidation. The work environment was insulting, and women could be called vulgar names (Hsu, 2018). Secondly, the company suffered from a lack of professionalism. The top executives at the company spearheaded the hostile environment (Salpini, 2019).


Additionally, the senior management wanted to cover themselves. Hence they cut down their responsibilities (Sechrist & Delmar, 2009). Thirdly, Nike lacked effective policies in place. For instance, Nike management considered themselves powerful and thus was lenient on strategies to protect female employees (Kish, 2019).


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