Free Essay on O'Connell's Political Achievements

Published: 2022-06-16
Free Essay on O'Connell's Political Achievements
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Daniel O'Connell was a barrister, politician and nationalist leader, who was born on 6 August 1775. His sharp intelligence, ambition, and eloquence made him be considered as one of the most remarkable public men in Ireland. The French experience and the sanguinary revolution left O'Connell with an enduring aversion to mob rule, bloodshed and the French way of political change. Through his extensive reading O'Connell developed intellectually and politically, which quickened his desire in public affairs. His political and philosophical position was based on freedom of consciousness, civil equality, religious equality and individual freedom.

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In Dublin, his political excitement enabled him to respond to any Anglo-French tensions, the danger of French inversion in Ireland and the general state of European politics. O'Connell was caught up in the realm of activists who were inspired to resolve and defend public order. He opposed the proposal that seeks to end the enactment of the Act of the Union and the end of the Irish parliament in 1798. His political statement on political debate and Union proposal was significant as t exposed the legal rights of Ireland as a kingdom. O'Connell, Daniel opposition to the Union and his enduring monarchism ensured he defended the rights of the kingdom of Ireland. Thus his patriotic reform to provide there was religious and civil liberties ensured his success in political work.

O'Connell, Daniel legal reputation was based on his prowess in both civil and criminal cases. His ruthless measures of cross-examining criminals ensured his clients won. His wit, eloquence, personality and style gave him the technical points of law. O'Connell was part of a Catholic committee where they met debated, composed resolutions and lobbied influential political figures to pursue their cause. In 1826, O'Connell played an essential role in the Waterford election of Henry Villers, a liberal protestant who defeated Lord Gorge Beresford. In 1828, O'Connell defeated William Verses, a respected Protestant and a popular landlord in the country, in an election in one of the Irish constituency. His win predicted a crisis in Ireland as the monarch ensured that oaths catholic emancipations and oaths would have to be conceded. However, O'Connell took his seat and was re-elected as an MP for the next 17 years. As an MP, O'Connell was considered a liberator as he forced the government to concede Catholic emancipation.

O'Connell is considered a creator of Irish democracy as he championed for civil and religious equality and liberty as he did not wish to substitute Catholic for protestant in Ireland. His intense struggle to establish equal rights of Irish Catholics raised the specter of Catholic ascendancy for most Irish Protestants. The mainstream of Catholic historiography continues to honor O'Connell memory and salute his achievements. Thus he was one of the most famous lead the world has ever seen.

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