Application Letter Example

Published: 2019-06-12
Application Letter Example
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Dear Admissions Committee,

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I am writing this letter to express my profound interest in the Bachelors of Diagnostic Medical Sonography in the School of Allied Health Professions at Loma Linda University. For this reason I have submitted my application with the required applicable documentation.

I am currently a high school student with a burning desire for pursuing sonography ever since my childhood. The idea of imaging internal body structures for diagnosis purposes fascinates me. Even better, the whole concept that it uses application of ultrasound is the next stage as far as technology is concerned in medicine. The interdisciplinary relationship of physics and biology is clearly illustrated in this field and both happen to be my core study subjects and my favorites at the same time in high school. The role of ultrasound in medicine is imperative with far reaching benefits. The fact that it is harnessed to perform both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures interests me and makes sonography more of a research field than a career to me.

I have always been passionate about working in the medical field throughout my childhood and to me being part of the solution to patients ailments has been the higher calling. It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I believe no other career option can fulfill. Growing up, Ive been around great sonographers who happen to be family friends and even relatives and they contributed to spiriting my desire to be a sonographer. Moreover, I would take this interest an extra mile each time I visited a hospital (even to date) to have a light banter with the sonographers and fill me in with details of this great career and possible challenges I should prepare to come across. I purpose to be a renowned sonographer and a perfect role model of a man exhibiting great skills and competence in his field. The first step to this dream however, begins with my admission acceptance into your learning institution.

My specific reasons for having preference to your university are simple and quite forward. First and foremost is because of the reputation it holds in training medics and the number of students who graduate annually from this school of interest. Not mentioning the great sonographers in the field today and have been through your institution. Secondly, the diligence and professionalism exhibited by your faculty staff is impressing. Unlike many institutions where a large percentage of learning is student oriented, your lecturers seem to have a different approach; their involvement with students and availability to help students on matters that need clarification is adorable. Finally, the university is well equipped with reading materials and ultra-modern machines for use in study that are at the disposal of students; this gives studies a lively practical shape rather than the routine theoretical manner used in most learning institutions.

Given a chance, I am certain to bring a positive contribution to your already impressive institution.

I am looking forward for a favorable reply. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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