Examples of Quality Improvement. Free Essay Example.

Published: 2018-03-17
Examples of Quality Improvement. Free Essay Example.
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Quality Improvement as a general is the scrutiny of practice performance and efforts, systematically using a formal approach towards improved performance. Quality Improvement is a continuous process that involves development, evaluation, and application of systematic improvement techniques (Shortell et al. 1998).

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Determining the research question, data collection, and measurements

Developing effective Quality improvement, Clear research question and methods for data collection should be available and their cost, processes, and outcomes well identified. These data collection methods comprise of taking representative samples of health professionals, patients, and analysis of written data by use of interviews, questionnaires, and observations. The results and the intended development should be provided in quantifiable terms and measurements.

Poor services to patients is a problem that needs improvement in the nursing practice. This issue has been due to hospitals reducing the numbers of registered nurses and replacing them with lesser-trained, semi-skilled and lower paid personnel while increasing the complexity of hospitals, which calls for more skilled nurses. Hospitals have started this restructuring and redesigning methods to reduce operating costs.

Addressing the problem of the Quality improvement

To address this emerging issue, the government ought to identify registered nurses and demarcate their credentials and scope of their practices. Involvement of the government will prevent the hiring of unqualified staff and government subsidies for hospital operations will stop them from laying off employees. The nurses also should excel and do what is required to provide quality services offered to the patients. Nurses are in a superior position to determine and influence the health system and work to improve it, more than all other person/professionals in the health sector. Hospitals should involve nurses when redesigning and restructuring so as to improve the probability of success for the new changes and implementations. Hospitals should avoid top-down staffing approach, especially on nurses because implementations are likely to fail and hence affecting the health care system negatively.


Shortell, S. M., Bennett, C. L., & Byck, G. R. (1998). Assessing the impact of continuous quality improvement on clinical practice: what it will take to accelerate progress. Milbank quarterly, 76(4), 593-624.

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