Analytical Summary: Leftover Women - Free Essay on Gender Discrimination

Published: 2020-04-28
Analytical Summary: Leftover Women - Free Essay on Gender Discrimination
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Discrimination against either gender or race has been a major hindering factor to most developments in a country. It is the responsibility of the government to fight and eradicate the crisis of discrimination. The case is quite different with China since it is the same government sworn to protect its people promoting the same thing. This paper will analytically summarize the article Finchers Leftover women by Leta Hong on how Chinese government propagandized people?

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Chinese government used its power inappropriately to discriminate others who were not economically and militarily stable such as Vietnamese through propaganda. The communist party (CP) revolution in 1949 wanted to take control of China and its people (Nam, 2006). Therefore, the best and major control strategy the party adopted was to use propaganda amongst its people. During the time, anything that was to be published or printed to the public was to be checked first by the government. The government dictated what was to be published in the print Medias and what was not to be published (Zhang, 2002). China used its developed economy and military sector to make China uncomfortable for other races. China considered its people important and the other races were not worth to enjoy their privileges. However, this discrimination did not only stop at other races but their women too.

The article Leftover women shows how badly women were treated in China. The Chinese government never considered even their women important members of the society. The Chinese government considered women who were not married by their late twenties to be spinsters. In addition, the article further shows that ladies who are beautiful and pretty enjoy many privileges in terms of getting a husband. But their fellow who are not as pretty as they are have to work harder in order to reach the same level of getting a husband. Those ladies who are not pretty and beautiful to attract men that much have to attain better education level in order to enjoy the privileges of getting married. However, it will really take time because education is not something one wakes up in the morning and in the evening she has it. It takes time for one to attain better education such as master degree or even a PhD. By the time one has attained all these, she will be old already. The Chinese government never saw this as that pleasing so they came up with the propaganda that if a lady has not been married in her early twenties then she will be considered a leftover as described in the article. The move by the government is discriminatory because it only aims at serving and fulfilling its self-interest and does not consider the publics opinion. The government only wants to achieve its demographic objectives of promoting, planning and maintaining the countrys social stability, (Hong Pg 6). Women are mistreated in China and this is not taken slightly with those who are concerned such as the educated women staying in the urban areas. Most women express their concern about propaganda spread on the media with the aim of promoting the Chinese cultural norms. Chinese culture does not allow women to own a property and this has left many unmarried women suffering because they cannot get a house since the house is supposed to be written on the mans name. Therefore, women are also treated as properties and not members of the society (Nam, 2006).

In conclusion, gender discrimination is something that should be done away with at all cost. Every human being deserves to be treated equally and fairly despite the gender, race or color.


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